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Epson Powerlite Pro G5350NL Wired Networking 3LCD Projector Review

Posted on March 31, 2009 by Art Feierman
A detailed review of this Epson lightweight wireless portable projector. Proofing and some more material will be added shortly. Additional commentary to Mike's review, provided by Art.

Specs Preview

Epson Powerlite Pro G5350NL Specs
Price 6000
Technology 3LCD
Native Resolution 1024x768
Brightness (Manufacturer Claim) 5000
Contrast 1,000:1
Zoom Lens Ratio 1.8:1 (standard lens)
Lens Shift No
Lamp Life 2000 hours (high brightness), 3000 hours (low brightness) Dimensions: Including feet
Weight 15.0 lb
Warranty Three years Parts and Labor on projector, 90 days on lamp

Epson Powerlite Pro G5350NL Projector Highlights

  • Very High Brightness – 5000 lumen rating
  • Closed captioning capability with built-in decoder
  • Wired or wireless networking capability
  • Flexibility - Windows Vista® Network Projector compatible
  • Single off-axis installation — 30-degree tilt operation
  • Flexibility of installation – Vertical and horizontal lens shift, plus choice of five optional lenses
  • Advanced connectivity – two computer RGB inputs, three component video, SD card slot and an HDMI input
  • Rapid Power up and nearly instant shut off

Epson Powerlite Pro G5350NL Wired Networking 3LCD Projector Overview

The Epson PowerLite Pro G5350NL is a high brightness (5000 lumen rating), XGA (1024 X 768) LCD projector that is intended for permanent installation in an auditorium, boardroom or conference room. However, it is light (15 lbs.) and flexible enough to be used on a cart for more portable presentation needs. The G5350NL has a great number of connection possibilities for a PC (or Mac) via the traditional VGA cable (or DVI to VGA for Mac users), USB, component video (including 5 BNC and HD15), HDMI or wired or wireless networking. Its specified output of 5000 lumens can easily fill large screens in large rooms or auditoriums.

For flexibility in presentations and monitoring, Epson has included full networking capabilities in the G5350, both wired and wireless (requires optional module). Epson’s implementation of networking capabilities includes the ability to allow others on the network to display images and video from their computers, as well as allowing for monitoring the projector’s status, scheduled maintenance and problem notification remotely.

The G5350 does not come with a lens, instead giving the customer the option of choosing between five different lenses, which are explained in more detail later.

For those who don’t require the 5000 lumen output of the G5350, Epson also offers the G5150NL, which has all the features of the G5350, but uses a different lamp rated at 4000 lumens. There is also a widescreen WXGA (1280x800) model available, the G5200WNL, which is rated at 4200 lumens. The G5200WNL does not have the wired network display capability of the G5350 or 5150, nor does it have any wireless networking capability.

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