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Epson Powerlite Pro G5350NL Projector - Review Summary

Posted on March 31, 2009 by Art Feierman

Epson Powerlite Pro G5350NL Projector: Bottom Line

The G5350NL will undoubtedly find its way into many boardrooms and auditoriums across the country. It offers a terrific combination of high brightness, terrific color reproduction, great flexibility in methods of presentation and more connection options than you’ll ever need.

While this is not a projector you’ll want to feed a signal much greater than its native resolution, you will get a more than acceptable picture with any source.

In the past, this level of brightness would only be found much larger and heavier projectors, as well as at a premium price. The Epson G5350NL gives you over 4000 lumens in a relatively compact package that weighs only 15 pounds and sells for slightly over $6000.

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