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Epson Pro Cinema G6900 WU Projector: Pros and Cons

Posted on February 24, 2014 by Art Feierman
PRO CINEMA G6900 WU PROS AND CONS:  Behold - Here's a list of the the strengths and weaknesses in a home environment.  A number of good features for commercial use, but not needed in the home, have been omitted.  You can find out more about them in the Powerlite Pro G6900 version's review.


  • Extremely bright - with almost 6000 lumens (white and color)
  • Maximum native resolution:  WUXGA 1920 x 1200, which means native 1080p as well
  • Excellent placement flexibility - extensive lens shift and six different lenses (lenses are quick install/release
  • Relatively compact, and light projector, relative to its brightness and features
  • Split Screen (two equal sized images, or one larger than the other) offer many possibilities
  • HDBaseT (HDBT) and SDI for running long distances from Hi-Def, and live video sources.  Could useful in the home.  I would use HD-SDI if I went with this model
  • Some networking features beneficial, including presenting over IP
  • Networking allows easy interfacing to a home network
  • Supports display of up to four computers simultaneously  (family computing night?) a network feature
  • Very good color performance, right out of the box, 6000 color lumens, as well as 6000 white ones
  • Full color management system allows for accurate calibration!
  • Multiple Audio inputs, and an audio out, so projector remote can control audio
  • Excellent four year warranty, replacement, and support programs
  • Two projectors can be stacked for double the power, or passive 3D
  • Edge blending - not normally something needed at home, unless you have an at home gallery, or other art displays
  • Eco friendly manages all those 6000 lumens with only a 380 watt lamp.  (many 1500 lumen projectors have 250 or higher wattage lamps)
  • Crestron Connect and AMX compatible - great if you have home automation
  • Overall, very good price/performance
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  • Only one HDMI port - two or three would be nice (it does have a DisplayPort)
  • Split Screen slow to engage, "clunky"  when switching windows (but ultimately, it works)
  • No lens memory (requires motorized lenses) (but then media room PJ's would logically be 16:9, not widescreen)
  • Lamp life could be longer (but reasonably good for this class of projectors)
  • Dynamic iris is slow and seems to move in visible steps - inferior compared to what Epson puts in their home theater projectors (even though they sell for less)
  • Could be quieter - 39 db in full power is not bad for a 6000 lumen projector geared for larger environments Eco mode is quiet enough - at 31, which is below the high end for home projectors
  • Image defocuses very slightly during warm-up (first 15-20 minutes).  You have to be looking.  (Thus focus the projector (when you first install), after warm-up)
  • A white case option would have been a plus
  • Could have more smarts, such as MHL so you could plug in a Roku stick (for easy streaming of House of Cards, etc.)

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