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Epson Pro Cinema G6900 WU Projector - Warranty

Posted on February 24, 2014 by Art Feierman

This warranty information is specific to the US market.  We don't track manufacturer's warranties on other world markets.  A four year parts and labor warranty is outstanding when it comes to home projectors.  In fact even for expensive projectors like this Epson, three years is normally about as long as you will find.

And there are plenty of projectors in this price range with only two year warranties and even some with just one year.


It should be noted that the other two Pro Cinema G series projectors which are less expensive ($3799 and $5999) also have the four year warranty.

The thing is, Epson offers up something that the competition simply doesn't offer on their home projectors, and that is their rapid replacement program.  (Yes it has a fancy name, so they can say "the only one with …."), but we'll stay focused on the coverage, not the name.

Epson's replacement program is a 48 hour one.  Have a warranty problem?  If you contact them  using their hotline number (comes in the box), you will have your call answered by a support tech, not some switchboard.  That right there is a plus, as Epson claims that it typically takes 2 minutes or less until you are talking with a support person.

That's cool, as no one likes being on hold for 20 or 45 minutes, or worse.

The purpose of the support person is simply to determine if your projector has a problem covered by warranty.   As most things are covered (until the warranty expires), their next job is to collect info on you, so that Epson can ship out, by 2nd day service, a replacement projector.  Not a loaner, but a true replacement.  Mostly that would not be a brand new projector (but then yours isn't either at this point), but one in a fleet of projectors.  In some cases, you might even find your projector being replaced by a newer model, that' more likely to happen as you get to near the end of the warranty's duration.

So, let's say it's Monday at noon pacific (US). You call in, it' a warranty problem.  Expect a replacement projector to arrive of Wednesday.  Unbox it, put your broken one in the box and ship it back to Epson.  Epson, it should be noted, pays all the freight.  That's it.   You were down for about 48 hours, and then back up and running.

Now if instead, you called in around 4 or 5pm, allow for one extra day.   And don't forget, we're talking shipping, so we're talking business days, not Saturday's and Sundays.

Still, that's as good as it gets in home projector space!

Do be aware:  Epson will want a valid credit card.  Their purpose isn't to charge you anything, but it's their assurance that you will return one of the two projectors.

PS.  While Epson seems to be the only game in town with a multi-year replacement and support program on the home projector side, such programs are available on a number of business / commercial projectors.


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