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InFocus IN1118HD Mobile Projector - Picture and Sound Quality

Posted on September 13, 2016 by Art Feierman
InFocus IN1118HD Mobile Projector - Picture and Sound Quality:  Picture Modes, Video Quality, Text Readability, Audio Quality

Picture Modes

The IN1118HD has 7 factory preset picture modes.  The above screen shots provide only a rough ideas of how accurately each mode reproduces colors.  In general, the projected image was better than it appears in these photos.

The brightest picture mode, simply called 'Bright', produces poor colors, and while it may be a little better than shown in the 1st gallery photo above, the image has a strong green tint and all saturated colors within the image are very muted resulting in a poor image.

The 'Presentation' picture mode, 2nd photo above, produced a substantially better image than 'Bright' mode, but saturated colors in the original image were still rather muted.

The 'Video' picture mode, 3rd photo above, improved on the colors overall but with the default settings to image was too warm while the saturated reds and blues were still muted.  As with most of the other picture modes on this projector, the greens appeared too yellow and the cyans were too green.

The 'User' picture mode, 4th photo above with it default settings, was somewhat similar to the video mode but with a little more neutral brighter greys and whites while the reds and blues were still muted.

The 'Whiteboard' picture mode, 5th photo above, had a fairly warm tone, but like most of the other modes reds and blues were muted and in this case the green and especially the yellows were really overblown.

The "Blackboard" mode, 6th photo above, was not evaluated on it intended surface (photo was using a white projection screen).

Finally, the "Beige Wall" mode was somewhat better on a white projection surface than several of the other modes, but still suffered from muted reds and blues with somewhat overblown greens and yellows.

The bottom line is I would rate even the best of the pre-set picture modes (i.e., 'Video') as just acceptable for general use, where videos and/or photos will need to be displayed along with the typical business Powerpoint briefing.

However, I would note that it is possible to improved the picture quality somewhat by making adjustments to the projector's available picture controls.

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Video Quality

The first 5 photos are screen shots from the movie 'Lucy', the second 5 are from the movie 'Casino Royale' and the final fire are from the movie 'The Fifth Element'.  The projector was operated in 'Video' picture mode, but with a few adjustments on the 'Color' sub-menu as shown below (found under the 'Advanced' Menu):


Overall the picture quality with the above adjustments should be considered acceptable for most applications where color accuracy is not a high priority.  Overall color balance was the greatest weakness of this projector.  Image contrast was considered very good for this class of business projector, as is typical of DLP projectors and better than for 3LCD business models in this price range.


Text Readability

Text readability is always a concern for business projectors.   The IN1118HD with its high native resolution (1920 x 1080) combined with a lens capable of clearly display individual pixels, was able to clearly display text.  The first 3 photos above are with a 1920 x 1080 input from a PC and the final photo was with the input signal reduced to 1388 x 768 resolution, which forced the projector to scale the image up to its native resolution.  The IN1118HD did a good job with both of these signal formats.

Audio Quality

The IN1118HD has only a single low powered speaker built-in.  As one would expect from a very small internal speaker the there was no real bass making the audio quality OK for narrations/dialog but not well suited for music.  This is typical for pocket and portable projectors.  When connected to a Blu-ray disc player as the video/audio source I noted a problem where at times the audio level would be very low and at other times loud enough.  More on this issue in the next section of this review.

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