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InFocus IN1118HD Mobile Projector - Special Features

Posted on September 13, 2016 by Art Feierman
InFocus IN1119HD Mobile Projector - Special Features:  PC-Free Presentations, Long Lamp Life, Portable Design

PC-Free Presentations

The IN1118HD has excellent built-in support for displaying multi-media and document files.  You can have these files stored on a USB memory drive that is plugged into the projector’s USB port or load the files into the projector's built-in 4GB memory.  You can navigate and control the presentations using the projector’s remote along with on-screen menus.  Several of the most common photo and video fie formats are supported, as well as Microsoft Word, Powerpoint and Excel files (Office 2003 thru 2013 supported) can be directly read and displayed using the projector’s built-in capabilities.

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Long Lamp Life

The IN1118HD has a lamp rated at 6000 hours of life in full power mode.  The projector offers a Eco auto dimming mode that dims the lamp when there is no signal present.  The InFocus spec. sheet lists the lamp life as 10,000 hours in Eco mode.  While the spec. sheet implies there is both a high lamp and lower  power lamp (Eco) mode, I could find no menu setting for such a lower power lamp mode (i.e., only for the Eco auto dimming feature and also another function that dims the lamp during dark scenes) and such a lower power lamp mode was not mentioned in the user manual.


Portable Design

The IN1118HD is a compact, portable projector that comes with a soft carrying case, as seen in the following photo.



This makes the IN1118HD as reasonable alternative to a smaller, but less bright, pocket class of projector.  The total weight with the projector, remote and cables packed inside the supplied carrying case is about 5 pound, or about the same as a moderately light laptop PC.

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