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InFocus IN83 Darkchip4 Home Theater Projector Review: Image Quality 5

Shadow Detail Performance

The scene from Space Cowboys - IN83
The scene from Space Cowboys - Sony VW60
The scene from Space Cowboys - JVC RS1
The scene from Space Cowboys - JVC RS2

The re-entry image below is intentionally heavily overexposed. Look for details in the dark right side of planet earth. On the left, the IN83, on the right, the Epson Home Cinema 1080 UB.

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InFocus IN83 projector

(Note, all images below are the same, and represent well, how the building is lit up. Clicking on each brings up the higher resolution, and dramatically overexposed versions that allows you to compare shadow detail abilities in the dark areas. Look to the roof tiles, and the trees on the left.) The InFocus IN83 has no problem with this mixed brightness scene. None of the other projectors can best it in showing the details in the extremely dark roof, the lawn and trees.

InFocus IN83 projector
Sony VPL-VW40 projector
Epson Home Cinema 1080UB projector

These next two images are found in almost all reviews. Click for large, and seriously overexposed versions of the thumbnails. You can look to the dark areas of the shed on the right, plants along the bottom, and the wood structure on the left, to compare shadow detail.

The IN83
The Viewsonic Pro8100

Shadow detail slideshow