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InFocus IN83 Darkchip4 Home Theater Projector Review: Image Quality 6

Posted on July 8, 2008 by Art Feierman

InFocus IN83 Projector: Sharpness

The IN83 is another really sharp projector. It is definitely sharper than the Epson Home and Pro Cinema 1080 UB projectors, as well as the Sony and JVC LCoS projectors. While a sharper under $10K projector may exist, the differences would be too slight to have any impact on a buyer's decision making. I think the monitor image below is one of the best possible examples of sharpness, as it is just the type of thing you see in many movies, very small type in a "real" setting. The difference between projectors may actually let you read some items that softer projectors just can't resolve. More likely, though, you'll just have that feeling of a sharper, crisper image. Bottom Line Sharpness: First class! If I gave out letter grades it would be an A (bordering on A+?)


InFocus IN83
Sony VPL-VW60
Panasonic PT-AE2000U
Sanyo PLV-Z2000
Optoma HD8000
InFocus IN82
InFocus IN83
Viewsonic Pro8100
Epson UB

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