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InFocus IN83 Home Theater Projector: Summary

Posted on July 8, 2008 by Art Feierman

InFocus IN83 Home Theater Projector: Summary

This is the most impressive new home theater projector (compared to the competition) that InFocus has fielded in quite some time.

I am thoroughly enjoying all those lumens, painting a bright image on my Stewart Firehawk screen, but what really makes it work is the best in class color accuracy. It's not that one or two others don't come close, but the combination of the color handling and brightness, with the added bonus of an extremely sharp image, really make the IN83 stand out.

As I said, elsewhere, the only real weakness of the IN83 (other than placement flexibility) is the merely very good black level performance. In terms of everything else, it is first class, and its black levels are still better than most good 1080p projectors. Of course, for those few of us sensitive to the rainbow effect, we also have that to consider.

Other than a few minor points mentioned throughout the review, the IN83 is really good at everything, and the overall package is hard to beat.

The one thing I think InFocus could have done, and should in the next iteration, would be to add a dynamic iris to the manual one. That combination should have it easily holding its own in black level performance, with everything but the JVC RS2. Had they done it this time, with a first class implementation, I might well be calling the IN83 the best under $10,000 1080p projector around, and even if the JVC still managed a slight edge in black levels, all the other advantages of the InFocus IN83 would put it on top.

InFocus IN83 Projector: Bottom Line

It's this simple. I really love my JVC RS1, but, were it not for my slight sensitivity to the rainbow effect, and that I would have to abandon shelf mounting and make a mess that my wife would not be happy with, I most likely would be looking for a buyer to take my JVC so I could buy the IN83. Now that's saying a lot.

Congratulations to InFocus - they've nailed it this time! If your budget allows, you definitely need to place the InFocus IN83 on the shortest of your short lists.

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