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Lens Throw

Posted on October 9, 2013 by Art Feierman

The InFocus X9 has a 1.1:1 zoom lens, which is about as minimal a range as one can purchase and still call it a zoom lens. Most DLP projectors have 1.2:1 - which buys you, typically, almost an extra foot of placement flexibility. This is a projector you will set on a table top, or ceiling mount. Lacking lens shift (like most DLP projectors), it is not suitable for putting on a rear shelf, and even if you were willing to shelf mount it low (below the bottom of the screen), it is unlikely that you would be able to place it far enough back in distance, to not completely overshoot the screen.

Lens Shift

The X9, as is typical of most DLP projectors offers no adjustable vertical or horizontal lens shift. As with virtually all projectors, the lens has a predetermined amount of fixed offset. This will allow an X9, sitting on a table, to be placed slightly below the bottom of your screen area, or an equal amount above the top of the screen area, if you are ceiling mounting the X9 projector

Anamorphic Lens

The InFocus X9 has no support for an anamorphic lens, which, makes perfect sense. We cannot imagine anyone who is buying a projector in this price range, spending far more for an anamorphic lens, than for the projector itself. Anyone even remotely considering such a thing, would end up spending more for an X9 plus an anamorphic lens and sled (if it was supported), than for, say, the new 1080p Panasonic PT-AE3000U, with it's anamorphic lens emulation.

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