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InFocus X9 - Performance

Posted on November 18, 2008 by Art Feierman


The InFocus X9 is a very bright 720p projector. There can be, however, a huge difference between engaging Brilliant Color, and leaving it off. With Brilliant Color set to Off, the X9 is brighter than most home theater projectors, in "best mode," where it is very close to 1000 lumens (400 - 550 is considered average). By comparison, in brightest mode, most home theater projectors are in the 800 - 1500 lumen range, and the X9 still only produces about 1000 lumens.

Engaging Brilliant Color, while in Movie mode (best), only increases brightness by about six percent, but Brilliant Color roughly doubles the lumens for the bright modes.

With Brilliant Color turned off, all four modes measured within 10 lumens of each other.

Engage Brilliant Color, though, and things can really change.

Movie (and also sRGB), as noted, onlly increase slightly when you turn on Brilliant Color, but when you turn it on for PC or Game, it's a whole different world. Brilliant Color, in those two modes just over doubles the brightness compared to having Brilliant Color turned off.

The first set of numbers below are for each mode are the measured results with Brilliant Color turned off. In addition to the lumen measurement, you will find the measured color temperature for white (100 IRE).

Brilliant Color: Off

Movie 949 lumens @ 6118K
sRGB 947 lumens @ 6112K
PC 952 lumens @ 6120K
Game 945 lumens @ 6119K

Immediately below are the numbers for the same four presets, but this time with Brillaint Color on:

Brilliant Color: On

Movie 1003 lumens @ 6574K
sRGB 1007 lumens @ 6593K
PC 2011 lumens @ 6543K
Game 1969 lumens @ 6556K

Lamp Eco-mode

All measurements above are with the lamp mode at full power (Eco-mode turned off). Switching to low lamp (eco) mode, we measured Movie mode at 752 lumens, a drop of roughly 20%. That roughly 20% decrease, when Eco-mode is engaged, should be consistant, regardless of what preset mode (Movie, Game...) you are in. Thus, for example, with Brilliant Color engaged, PC mode would be roughly 1600 lumens.

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