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JMGO O1 PRO UST Smart LED Projector Review - Summary

Posted on April 14, 2022 by Philip Boyle


JMGO O1 PRO is an affordable short-throw projector
An affordable ultra-short-throw projector

The JMGO 01 PRO is a Full HD ultra-short-throw DLP projector that supports Full HD@60Hz video playback and retails for $1,699. As of this article's writing, it can be purchased at a significant discount. 

JMGO has designed one of the smallest, lightest, and affordably priced ultra-short-throw projectors available today. The reduction in size and price does come at a cost, specifically regarding brightness. The 01 PRO massively underperformed in our brightness testing at 666 ANSI lumens, far below JMGO's most conservative brightness rating of 1,250 ANSI lumens. I'd recommend projecting an image around 70 inches diagonally to get a decently sharp image and no larger than 90 inches max. Also, keep in mind that any amount of ambient room light will further reduce picture quality.

The light source has a lifespan of 45,000 hours
JMGO claims the light source will last 45,000 hours of normal use

One nice side effect of the projector's low brightness is that its estimated light-source life of 45,000 hours is likely accurate.

The JMGO 01 PRO's displayed color tends to be highly saturated, which actually helps the projector in situations where there are uncontrolled light sources in the room or the projector's brightness is set at maximum.

Is the color accurate? No, but it is pleasant to look at, which I think will be a more significant concern for customers who buy this projector.

Black levels are not great on the 01 PRO, but this is not unusual for DLP projectors, especially in this price range. The projector's shadow detail display is better in HDR (see the image below), which the average person will probably notice more in HDR content.

Audio co-created with DynAudio

The DynAudio-tuned sound system produces a dynamic sound range. The sound system falls short in sound depth. Most of the content sounds like it's coming out of a decently performing center-channel speaker rather than a set of stereo speakers. Use an external sound system for best results. If that option is not available or practical, the projector's built-in sound system will get the job done.

The 01 PRO uses Luna OS built on top of Android TV OS, providing access to many popular Android streaming and productivity apps. The projector's smart features and controls are tightly integrated into an easy-to-use, unified UI experience. This projector's Android TV menus are easy to navigate and well laid-out.

One of the unfortunate weaknesses of Luna OS is the limited catalog of apps and services available in JMGO's app store. However, the 01 PRO does offer popular streaming apps such as Netflix, HULU, YouTube™, Disney+, and more. JMGO also can sideload Android TV applications not available on the Luna OS store via USB. You can also consider more robust solutions by purchasing affordable smart HDMI stick devices such as the Fire TV Stick and Chromecast with Android TV, to name only two. 

JMGO O1 PRO with remote
An ultra-short-throw projector at a nice price

If you are looking specifically for an ultra-short-throw projector in this price range, then the JMGO is a good option. In fact, it's the only option for you.

If you are not limited to the ultra-short-throw form factor, many better-performing Full HD and even 4K projectors can be purchased well below JMGO 01 PRO's $1,699 price.


  • Most affordable ultra-short-throw projector currently on the market
  • 120% of the NTSC color gamut
  • LED-powered light engine with 45,000 hours of life
  • Good motion compensation
  • Built-in sound system
  • Quiet operation in Auto mode
  • Projector can be placed Nine inches from the wall
  • JMGO 1-year international warranty


  • Brightness measured at 666 ANSI lumens, far under JMGO's listed rating
  • Black level is not as good as some other UST projectors
  • Lens distortion at the top and bottom of the projected image
  • Focus is not uniform
  • Limited HDR performance

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