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JMGO U2 Laser TV Review - Notable Features

Posted on November 6, 2021 by Philip Boyle


The JMGO U2 comes with a built-in Luna OS. Luna OS is built on top of Android OS with a borderless design that blends in well in any environment. Simply pair the U2 with a preferred streaming TV box or TV stick to enjoy your favorite show. Luna OS features gadgets for your 24/7 companion, including a music visualizer, bulletin board, weather dashboard, and more. Luna OS Android backend allows you to live a smart life with JMGO U2. With the Alexa built-in, simply tell JMGO O1 to turn on the lights, search for movies or answer questions for you. A voice control remote with a built-in microphone allows you to control a wide range of compatible smart devices via Google Assistant. You press the Google Assistant button in the center of the remote control to activate the voice assistant on the U2. In addition to the projector, Google Assistant also allows voice control for several third-party items such as a set-top box, lights, door locks, curtains, etc.

Luna OS

Browsing for shows to watch using apps on the big screen is a great experience. However, when you're already on your phone, Luna OS allows you to cast content from your phone or other compatible devices and send video to your TV just like that.

You can access many other popular streaming services, including YouTube™, Netflix, and more. You can also download various additional apps from the Luna store.
Put your small screen on your big screen. Quickly cast photos, videos, music, and other content you love from your favorite device right to your TV.

The U2 has built-in wireless networking for users who want to move the projector from room to room while still accessing the unit's internal apps and services. The projector's media player can access files via USB to play various media types from videos up to 4K resolution, MP3, photos, etc. You can also wirelessly stream videos, photos, and music from a compatible Android mobile device using Chromecast.


Audio co-developed with Dynaudio

The JMGO U2's audio system was co-created with Dynaudio. I'll leave my thoughts about the physical design in the performance overview. I will say that the size of the U2's chassis is one of the reasons this projector has among the biggest, boomiest sound systems of any Laser TV I've reviewed to date. The larger chassis leaves more room for the speakers and resonance. It's dynamic and gets loud, so if you don't have an external sound system to connect the JMGO to, the built-in sound quality will be more than acceptable. The speakers, which were co-created by Dynaudio, deliver excellent sound with decent bass, clean dialogue, and very transparent highs.

Big sound by Dynaudio

The JMGO U2 is both Dolby and DTS certified, so it supports surround sound. These certifications look great on paper, but I found the actual surround effect was weak, with the majority of the sound stage being perceived as coming from in the front, which it is. Two out of three isn't bad; it's just not as good as much of the competition.


I feel like I write this on every HDR projector I review, but HDR is tough to do on a video projector. It is very challenging because of the projectors' limited light output, especially when compared to HDR flat-panel televisions.

The U2's HDR10 tone mapping skewed toward a brighter result than other HDR projectors I've reviewed. Some HDR content looked noticeably better with improved dark and bright area details, but other movies tended to look overly bright or washed out with blown-out highlights.

The U2's 10-bit gradation was pretty good, with less posterization in a lot of my test content compared to other projectors I've tested.


Reduce judder

Motion Estimation Motion Compensation (MEMC) is a frame interpolation technology designed to smooth out the blur in a 24-frames-per-second video. This blur is acceptable when watching movies; however, MEMC becomes incredibly important when watching content like video games that require a clearer image. MEMC technology uses an advanced, algorithmic technique to predict where a frame is in video content and, through the algorithm, insert an additional frame between each of the originals. MEMC technology gives the U2 microsecond-level processor response, so video content that needs it, like sports, games, or action films, all look smooth and crystal clear.


A built-in media player is becoming more common these days, but I thought it worth mentioning that the JMGO U2 features one that will play content off a USB flash drive in up to 4K resolution. The U2's media player supports MVC/ISO/H.265(level 5.1)/VC-1/JPEG/MP3 content.

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