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JMGO U2 Laser TV Review - Summary

Posted on November 17, 2021 by Philip Boyle



The JMGO U2 is a 4K ultra-short-throw DLP projector that supports 4K@60Hz video playback and retails for $2,599 on special and $2,999 at a regular price. The U2's Tri-Color triple Laser light is rated to deliver 2,400 lumens which my measurements confirmed is accurate. JMGO claims that the laser light engine will last for 50,000 hours. The U2 projector offers a one-year warranty along with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

The U2 uses Luna OS built on top of Android TV OS, providing access to many popular Android streaming and productivity apps. The projector's smart features and controls are tightly integrated into an easy-to-use, unified UI experience. This Laser TV's menus are easy to navigate and well laid out.

Luna OS

One of the unfortunate weaknesses of Luna OS is the limited catalog of apps and services available in JMGO's app store. The U2 does offer popular streaming apps such as Netflix, HULU, YouTube™, Disney+, and more. Still, in their marketing videos, even JMGO points out that better, more robust solutions can be had by purchasing very affordable smart HDMI stick devices like the Fire TV Stick and Chromecast with Android TV, to name only two.

The U2 does not offer a built-in digital tuner, so you cannot access local broadcast channels without an external device.

Built-in Surround Modes

The U2 cabinet houses a 15W x 2 and a 10W x 2 multi-driver array which delivers good sound quality.

While the U2 has one of the best audio ranges I have heard from a Laser TV to date, it lacks decent surround effects. The U2's HDMI 1 port supports an Audio Return Channel (ARC), which delivers high-quality immersive sound from the projector's internal streaming services to a third-party sound system. You can also wirelessly stream audio via Bluetooth 4.0 to an external speaker or sound system.

The JMGO U2 TriChroma Laser 4K is an above-average projector with some amazing technology at a remarkably competitive price.


If you want to put a very large TV in your living or theater room, this JMGO would be an excellent choice. The JMGO U2 offers a good picture, smart features, and low maintenance, making it a compelling option to replace your television as your home's primary display in your family room.


  • Promotion price of $2,599 and even off promo price of 2,999
  • 4k image quality is quite good, including HD upscaling
  • 2401 lumens of brightness confirmed
  • Extended color gamut
  • Good motion compensation
  • Dolby and DTS certified
  • Very quiet operating noise of 28 dB
  • Nine-inches from the wall short projector placement
  • JMGO 30-day return policy
  • Unique design language without looking gimmicky
  • Larger chassis size provides better resonance (bigger sound)


  • Luna OS interface is limited. I would have preferred straight Android OS, even an older version
  • Black level is not as good as some other UST projectors
  • $2,099 promotional price has ended increasing to $2,599, with only ten units available as of this writing
  • No auto or manual keystone adjustments
  • Limited color tuning on out-of-the-box modes
  • ARC instead of eARC
  • Only Bluetooth 4.0

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