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JMGO U2 Laser TV Review

Posted on November 13, 2021 by Philip Boyle
JMGO U2 UST Projector

JMGO is a Chinese company that was founded in 2011 by founder and CEO Eric Hu. Over the past ten years, JMGO has brought quite a few projectors to market, including a range of portable DLP projectors and two crowdfunded ultra-short-throw projectors. JMGO, which bills itself as a company that listens to its users, decided to design and sell a 4K Laser TV projector in response to requests from supporters of its previous ultra-short-throw projector's crowdfunding campaigns.

In 2010 Hu was looking for a new business opportunity. According to Hu, "Ten years ago when all my peers were flocking to the mobile phone and personal computer industries, I took a different path and dove into the research and development of video projectors." Hu describes himself as an avid fan of big-screen movies who wanted to enjoy this experience at home. This realization led to him founding JMGO (pronounced J.M. Go) with the goal of bringing a big-screen experience to people at home.

Tri-Color 3 laser performance

The JMGO U2 is a 4K Tri-Color Laser TV that offers an impressive list of technology and features, but out of the gate, the most mind-blowing feature of the U2 is its price. As a launch promotion, the JMGO U2 is selling at an astounding price of $2,599 for the projector or in a package with a 100-inch Ambient Light Reflecting (ALR) screen for $3,268. This price is only offered for a limited time as part of the JMGO U2's Indiegogo campaign. After the promotional inventory is gone, the projector price will be $2,999, and the ALR screen and projector combo will sell for $3,699. When you compare the JMGO U2 to its competition that sells Tri Laser product for as much as twice the U2's price, the JMGO U2 is still an amazing value, at least on paper.

JMGO Specs
Native Resolution
Brightness (Manufacturer Claim)
Zoom Lens Ratio
Lens Shift No
Lamp Life

The JMGO U2 features a light engine that uses three discrete laser diodes for Red, Green, and Blue (RGB) to deliver sharp, bright, and vivid images. The U2 can cover 114% of the BT.2020 color gamut, which means this projector should be able to reproduce colors that a consumer flat-panel TV cannot. JMGO claims it even outperforms an IMAX projector's color range.

0.47" DMD DLP

At its heart, the JMGO U2 uses a Texas Instruments Digital Light Processing (DLP) chip designed to deliver a crisp 4K image with good focus uniformity on a 100" display. The U2 projector has a dynamic contrast ratio of 15000:1 and a rated brightness of 2,400 ANSI lumens. Depending on the picture mode utilized, the laser light source has a claimed lifespan of 50,000 hours.

The U2 is an ultra-short-throw projector with a 0.25:1 throw ratio allowing it to be placed in the front of the room, very close to the wall/screen. For example, to project a 100" image, the U2 only has to be 9.4 inches from the wall/screen.

The U2 also offers surround sound powered by 2 x 15 W full-range speakers and 2 x 10 W tweeters. The sound system on the U2 was co-created by Dynaudio, a leading Danish loudspeaker manufacturer. The U2 utilizes Omnidirectional Stereo Compensation Technology (OSCT) designed to create an immersive surround sound experience which I will be testing as part of this review. The JMGO U2’s sound system has also earned dual certification from Dolby and DTS.

The U2 is a smart projector using JMGO's built-in Luna OS, an Android-based smart TV system providing access to many popular streaming apps like Netflix, HBO Max, and more. The U2 includes two HDMI inputs (one of which supports Audio Return Channel (ARC) functionality), an Optical input, and two USB ports that power smart media sticks as well as 4K content on the built-in media player using a USB flash drive. The U2 features Bluetooth 4.0, Airplay, and wireless casting from a mobile device.

30-Day Free Return

According to the manufacturer, other features of the U2 include auto brightness adjustment, wireless casting, and smart temperature control, which incorporates five built-in cooling fans that are extremely quiet, emitting less than 28 dB of audible noise. The laser projector includes a one-year warranty along with a 30-day free return policy.


$2,599 promotional price. $2,999 regular price
Designed to project up to a 100-inch image
4K display resolution for a cinema experience at home
15,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio
2,400 ANSI lumens of brightness with 3,600 ANSI lumens of peak brightness using a 1.5 gain Fresnel screen
Tri-Color Laser DLP light engine rated to last up to 50,000 hours
HDR10/HLG support
Can display 114% of the BT.2020 color gamut exceeding the IMAX color standard
15x x 2 Dolby Audio system co-created With Dynaudio
Smart Android system with the built-In Luna OS
Built-In 4K media player
Whisper-quiet operation with a 5-Fan intelligent Auto Cooling System

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