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Posted on February 10, 2010 by Art Feierman

There seem to be no changes this year, in terms of I/O - inputs and outputs. Located on the side, from front to back, first there are two HDMI 1.3b compatible inputs. Next comes an analog PC input (standard HD15 connector), which the original RS1, and also the RS10 did not offer. I should note that the RS25 and RS35 both have the computer input, but the RS15 does not. (There are work arounds of course.)

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Next up, are three RCA connectors for the component video input, followed by another RCA connector for basic composite video. Next is the S-Video input, followed by the RS-232 connector for controlling the projector directly from a computer or room controller. Finally, there is a 12 volt screen trigger for controlling a motorized screen or masking system.

Add all of them up, and you have a fairly standard complement of inputs and outputs, with no surprises. As with all home theater projectors, I'd still like to see three HDMI ports, but I've only seen that on a couple of 1080p projectors so far.

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JVC DLA-RS35 Menus

JVC has a very well designed menu structure. And that's coming from someone who's been living with it for a couple of years. In the past, though, using the menus was a pain, because the remote control had such poor range.


With JVC solving the remote control issue (see below), life is now good, and it's easy to find the logically laid out controls in the menus.

The RS35's menus are, (not surprising) identical to the RS25's menus.

DLA-RS25 menu picturemode

DLA-RS25 menu picture advanced

DLA-RS25 menu pixeladjust

DLA-RS25 menu colortemp

DLA-RS25 menu gamma

JVC DLA-RS35 Remote Control

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JVC has a new remote control for this year's models. Outstanding! Not that it's new (but Outstanding!), in that I really disliked the one that came with my RS-20. Layout was fine. Buttons were decent (not the very best "feel" but fine), but the range was abysmal.

I could rarely get a bounce off of my screen with the remote. Even turning around and pointing to the projector up on its rear shelf about 12 feet away wasn't bulletproof.

By comparison the RS35 has tons of range. I had just set the RS35 up on the table in my large theater (with my own RS20 up on a shelf), and I grabbed the remote, and pointed toward the front screen, barely paying attention, and bingo. Both projectors fired up. So I grabbed the old remote, and decided I'd see what it took to turn the two projectors off from the same spot, with the old remote. 10 minutes later, they were both on. So I picked up the new remote, pressed Off twice, and they both shut down.

Outstanding - great range. The layout is just fine, although it is re-arranged from last year's remote control. The backlight does a nice job - not too bright, not too dark.

JVC's decision to replace the old remote may be the biggest single improvement that everyone can appreciate.

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