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JVC DLA-RS35U Projector: Performance, HDTV and Sports

Posted on February 10, 2010 by Art Feierman
YES! While I have always loved my own JVC, as well as these newer models for movie viewing, I have always wished for a slightly sharper image for sports viewing. The RS35 has it. This unit with its visibly, the best pixel alignment I've seen, has the sharpness I've missed. For all of you who don't want to give up that good single chip DLP projector sharpness, but otherwise have been attracted to the JVCs for all the other reasons, it's time to tap the equity line. The JVC DLA-RS35 projector looks sharp!

On a different subject, the DLA-RS35 could be brighter at its brightest. I like to see at least 1000 lumens and better still - 1400 or more lumens, for combating intentional ambient light - so we don't have to watch sports in the proverbial cave. Remember, though, I'm a big screen guy, 1400 lumens hitting my screen is about the same as 1100 lumens hitting a 110" screen.

The JVC like the others in the series, comes in shy of 900 lumens in "brightest" mode. That's adequate for sports in my room, as I have good lighting control and can get the room moderately bright without putting too much light on the screen, but I really crave having more.

Ultimately I dream of having 4000 lumens for sports and HDTV, and nothing short of the big 3 chip DLP projectors, or commercial projectors offers anything near that. One of these years, the home theater projector makers will get it. A good home projector needs different levels of brightness for different functions like movies, sports, gaming. 3D's coming too, and 3D gobbles up lumens.

So, ok, the RS35 could have more lumens, but I at least take heart in that even at its brightest, the color accuracy is pretty good - far, far better than most other projectors at their brightest.

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