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JVC DLA-RS35 Projector Review 2

Posted on October 2, 2010 by Art Feierman
The JVC DLA-RS35 is a medium largish home theater projector for the under $10,000 range. Like all other JVC's we've reviewed, it's an LCoS projector with very good placement flexibility. The finish is a shiny piano black with gold trim just on the lens trim ring, and a "stripe" running from front to back on the top. Very tasteful. While the size could be a wife issue, the combination of being almost all black and a clean look should overcome any objection - especially after it's turned on!

Since the DLA-RS35 is feature for feature, identical to the RS25, for the purposes of this review, a few of things to consider:

  • Is the JVC DLA-RS35 really worth the extra $2000 over the RS25? That is, will putting all the best QC'd components into a limited number of RS35s result in a picture quality that is definitely recognizable as being worth a couple thousand more dollars? That's the big question.
  • In writing up this review, you will find a mix of both RS25 and RS35 images used. While the end results in terms of calibrations are slightly different, I will be using some RS25 images where I don't think there is any substantial quality difference. Of course you can tell which are which by their image names, when using your browser.
  • Large sections of content in this review will be lifted directly from the RS25 review. There's no point in re-writing most of this review. Some areas though will be different. Performance page - and calibration pages, will have new content relating to measurements and calibration. The summary, of course will be different, as there I have to assess the value of the RS35 as a $10,000, compared to both the RS25 and all the other competition.

As you read through this review, you should end up as impressed as I have been. Having the RS35 here, along with the new InFocus, the lower priced JVC RS15, and the Mitsubishi HC3800 (not to mention the recently reviewed LG projector), I must admit it's been a challenge to disconnect the RS35 to put other projectors online, I'm so enjoying the RS35. For the Olympics, now, I'm mostly using the RS35, but I have gone to the brighter LG for some of the daytime viewing.

The last major decision I'll have to make is this: Do I sell my RS20, and lay out a lot more money for an RS35, or do I "suffer" my RS20 another year or so, before I go into hock again for another expensive projector? I will say, that if money were not an issue, I'd have already called JVC to say - "you ain't gett'in this one back, so you might as well send me a bill". I am blown away! (but not for the reason you probably suspect).

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