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JVC DLA-RS1 and Sharp XV-Z20000 Home Theater Projectors: A Comparison Review – Overview-4

An alternative would be to buy a box that can convert analog to digital, with an HDMI output.  These exist and are a couple hundred dollars or more.  Lastly, you may be able to output from your standard VGA out, into the JVC’s component video, but that is likely to not work in most cases. (I didn’t try that).

As you can see, there are workarounds, but, geez, JVC had no business leaving that out.  Shame! It’s not that the possible solutions are a lot of money – certainly compared to an over $5000 projector, it’s just the hassle for those with computers lacking HDMI output.

OK, I’m done with that rant.  Moving right along, The JVC has two HDMI inputs compared to the Sharp’s two HDMI inputs and a third digital, DVI (HDMI compatible input).  The Sharp offers two component video inputs, to the JVC’s one, however they both have not just the R,G,B connectors, but two more (each) for syncing with a wider array of devices, and, for example can be used for a typical analog computer input, which is exactly how Sharp would handle a typical computer.  It’s just a matter of the right cable.

After all that, things start getting similar, both have an RS-232 port for “command and control” – the ability to run the projector from a computer or room control system.  They also both have an S-video and a composite video input.

The last difference, is that the Sharp XV-Z20000 has a 12 volt trigger for controlling a (properly equipped) motorized projector screen.  This is a nice touch, but not a significant difference between the two, because, today’s screens, often offer a wireless infra-red or RF option, so those screens can be controlled by their provided remote controls, or a programmable remote or room control system.

Other physical attributes:  Neither projector vents hot air out the back, and that makes them suitable for shelf mounting.  Both have front and rear Infra-red sensors, and both have adjustable feet for table top useage (or shelf), but you normally wouldn’t use them on a shelf setup.