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Sharp XV-Z20000 and JVC DLA-RS1 1080p Home Theater Projectors Reviewed: Image Quality-5

The next pair of images are again from this DTS test disk. The first one (click to enlarge, from the JVC RS1, the lower one, from the Sharp XV-Z20000:

Note: the exposures, as usual are not identical, in this case, the Sharp is just slightly overexposed (note the slight blurring in the DTS logo in the lower right, caused by the overexposure). Still, it’s easy to see how similar the image quality of these two great projectors are.

JVC DLA-RS1 DTSbazzarLarge
xzv20000 DTS bazaar2Lg
xzv20000 aeon tableLarge
JVC DLA-RS1 Aeon TableLarge