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Sharp XV-Z20000 and JVC DLA-RS1 1080p Home Theater Projectors Reviewed: Image Quality-3

Images time. I’ll start with the closeup of the computer monitors from Space Cowboys (Blu-ray DVD) 1080p. First is the Sharp XV-Z20000, and to the right, the JVC RS1:

Click on the thumbnails below for large images of this Warner Bros. logo.

In order from left to right: Sharp XV-Z20000, JVC RS1, Mitsubishi HC5000, and the last one, the Epson Home Cinema 1080.

Below are thumbnail images of the full DTS screen (from my DTS Blu-Ray demo disk). Click on them for closeups of about 20% of the screen area. For your consideration, I’ve added a similar image from the Sony Pearl. The order, from the left: Sharp, Sony, JVC. You can definitely see that the Sharp, is, – well, sharper. Remember you are looking at a closeup of about 15% to 20% of the area of the whole screen. The question is can you see the difference under normal viewing distances. The answer is – yes, in a side by side, you could, but it is unlikely that you could tell them apart in terms of sharpness, if you viewed one, and then another 10 minutes later. Still, while every last ounce of sharpnesss is a good thing, it is most unlikely that the difference in sharpness will be a critical factor in most decisions – even for folks who like to sit as close as I do.

xzv20000 WarnerBrosLg
JVC RS-1 Warner Closeup large