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JVC DLA-RS440 Review – One Serious, 4K Capable, Home Theater Projector Advanced Calibration

JVC DLA-RS440 and X590U 4K Projector Review – Advanced Calibration: CMS Calibration, Calibration Charts

CMS Settings for Best (dark room) calibration – User 1 Mode (low lamp)

RGBCMY Hue Saturation Brightness
Red 0 0 -6
Green -11 10 -5
Blue 4 4 -5
Cyan 0 0 0
Magenta -3 4 -5
Yellow 2 7 -3

As I mentioned on the calibration page CMS pre-calibration is quite good, besting most DLP post-calibration. Unlike most DLP’s the mid saturation (20%, 40%, 60%, 80%) points on the RS440U are near on the money. Calibrating CMS (color space set to auto) was a snap and yielded near a near perfect REC.709. One note however, JVC includes a 4th adjustment called Axis Position and I could not get it to work but it’s not necessary at all, so no worries.

CMS Settings for Brightest calibration – User 2 Mode (high lamp)

RGBCMY Hue Saturation Brightness
Red 2 1 0
Green -8 4 -3
Blue 0 0 0
Cyan 0 -3 0
Magenta -1 -1 0
Yellow 0 4 -2

CMS for my Brightest calibration is actually a fraction better than my Best (dark room). I believe this is due to the lamp being driven at its normal (designed) voltage. Anytime you drive a lamp lower that its designed for it can cause small fluctuations in accuracy. (You ever seen a lamp flicker at lower settings? I have). Only small adjustments (no more than 4 clicks) were necessary to obtain outstanding color accuracy across the entire saturation range.

CMS Settings for 4K HDR – HDR Mode (high lamp)

While CMS with SDR content was stellar both pre and post calibration, hitting the P3 color gamut with HDR did not perform quite as well. I was able to get very good performance across all saturation points with blue and magenta. Red had problems making it out to 100% saturation, stopping around 90%. Green also didn’t quite make it to 100% but the real issue was with its hue turning towards yellow at its outer saturation point. Cyan was a little under saturated across its range except for 40% being over saturated. Yellow had issues with hue. Each mid saturation point would jump from plus-blue to plus-green in a ping pong fashion. (example 40% greenish, 60% reddish, 80% greenish).

Now putting this performance all in context with other (mostly DLP) projectors it still goes to the head of the class by a long shot, only being bested by Epson’s 5040/6040 & Laser LS15000. Overall I was very pleased with the post-calibration HDR color performance on the RS440U.

RGBCMY Hue Saturation Brightness
Red 3 5 8
Green 2 0 -3
Blue -1 -1 0
Cyan 3 -5 6
Magenta 7 0 8
Yellow -3 3 3