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JVC DLA-RS440U Review – A Serious, 4K Capable Home Theater Projector-Performance

JVC DLA-RS440U Projector Review – Performance: Brightness, Contrast, Audible Noise


Color Mode Lumens / Color Temp
Cinema 1894 @1877K
Natural 1894 @1887K
Animation 1673 @8025K
HDR 1894 @1897K
User 1-5 1894 @6997K

Essentially, as far as brightness measurements and color temp of white (100 IRE), all the JVCs modes seem identical, except Animation which measures a couple hundred lumens less.

All of the other modes measure the color temp of white right around (just under) 7000K and just under 1900 lumens at mid-zoom.  In other words the differences between most modes relates to other settings, but not the color temp or brightness.


If there’s one thing JVC home theater projectors have long been known for, it’s their having the projectors with the highest native contrast.  Even without, the RS440U’s dynamic iris engaged, there are few projectors (mostly more expensive) that can come close to handling dark scenes, like this JVC.

Iris engaged, you have to start looking at some Sony projectors that start at about double the RS440U / X590’s to find comparable blacks.  (Of course, in fairness, that Sony – the VW685ES, is native 4K, not a 1080p pixel shifter, so it is inherently sharper, for that extra price difference as well.)

Still, the point is, you love deep blacks on very dark scenes, you can’t beat this JVC without spending a lot more!

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Audible Noise

This JVC DLA-RS440U projector is quieter than most of the competition.  All of the 4K UHD DLPs are definitely noisier when comparing the projectors at full power, and probably even more so, if comparing eco modes, because this JVC is very quiet in Eco.

The JVC is certainly a noticeable amount quieter than the Epson 5040UB and 6040UB projectors, the only projectors that cost less and approach the JVC in terms of black level performance.  Those Epsons are also pretty quiet in their low power modes, but at full power, definitely a good 3-4 db noisier.

Only the Sony projectors that compete against this JVC, are as quiet, or perhaps slightly quieter.  BenQ’s  4K UHD HT8050 and HT9050 (more money) are the quietest of the 4K UHD DLPs, but I think those too are at least slightly more noisy at full power – just don’t quote me, as there was close to a year between my getting the BenQs, and the JVC.

DLA-RS440U Effect of Zoom Lens on Brightness

We take most measurements with a projectors’s zoom lens set to its mid-point. On projectors with a lot of zoom range, like this JVC with its 2.1:1 zoom lens, means a significant change in brightness depending on where you place the projector relative to your screen.  The closer you place it, the brighter.  How much?

Well, most modes including Users 1-5 (which we used here) measured 1894 at mid-zoom.

Brightness ncreased just over 5% to 1986 lumens at full wide angle (closest position possible).

At maximum distance (relative to your screen size) the JVC drops to 1601 lumens, or a drop of almost 20%. That’s actually a total range of about 25% and that’s not a big drop for a 2.1:1 zoom lens.  (In a perfect world you don’t want to be at the exact closest or furtherest, based on the simple logic, that no lens is going to be performing at its best at the extremes of its range!

RS440U and X590: Effect of Eco Mode on Brightness

Per Eric’s measurements:

The JVC DLA-RS440 produced 25.2% less lumens in its eco mode than at full power.  User mode (pick one) was measured at 1412 lumens, still plenty of brightness.  The good news is, unlike most projectors

With almost 1900 in our "bright mode", the JVC RS440U can handle a fair amount of ambient light in my theater for viewing sports! (3 other window shutters also mostly open)