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JVC DLA-RS6710 Projector Review - Performance

Posted on April 22, 2015 by Art Feierman
JVC DLA-RS67U, RS6710, X900R PROJECTORS PERFORMANCE:  Out of the Box Brightness, Color Accuracy (Pre-Post), Calibrated Brightness I've got two pages of performance info for you.  They will consider aspects of these JVC projectors in terms of brightness, both before and after calibration, as well as color accuracy.  Also covered will be Sharpness (including more image comparisons of  4K e-shift3), Audible, and Image Noise...  

JVC DLA-RS6710, RS67U, X900R Projectors - Brightness for Different Color Modes

DLA-RS6710 and siblings  Brightness, Color Temperature
Color Mode Lumens Color Temp (K)
Cinema 756 6381
Natural 940 6287
Stage 989 6683
Animation 989, or 1262 in H.B. 6700, or (not meas.)
User 1-4 940 6283
THX 940 6278
Film 748 5830
Photo 748 6619

As you can see, all of the modes measure within 250 lumens of each other, except for taking Animation mode and using it with High Bright.  That ups the projector to its claimed brightness, but like the brightest mode on most projectors, it isn't close to being as good looking as the other modes.  (Not quite "ugly" by comparison, but pretty much a "break glass in case of emergency" combination when dealing with way too much ambient light).

User modes Natural, and THX seem to be the same, as do Stage and Animation, as far as general modes both other features such as gamma settings, may vary, without affecting brightness.

Mike was able to get 940 lumens out of the projector post calibration - a significant jump over THX mode, but it still falls short of competing Sony and Epson projectors.

As I will state in Picture Quality, Stage mode (or Animation) is brighter than most modes, and has the most punch/watchable picture combination.  It's my choice for sports with ambient light present, even if a touch cooler in color.  It has some serious "pop".   But if ambient light fighting or large screens are your thing, there are definitely brighter, also high quality, alternatives on the market.


Color Temperature of JVC DLA-RS6710, RS67U, X900R Projectors

Color Temp over IRE Range (from brightest to dark gray) Cinema/User/THX/Natural
IRE Temp in Degrees Kelvin
100 6377K
80 6380K
50 5830K
30 5487K

The JVC in these modes above (pre-calibration), are pretty close to ideal 6500K in the brighter ranges (100 and 80 IRE) but there's a definite shift to strong reds/weak blues in the darker scenes.  This of course gets calibrated away!

Check out the Calibration page for all our basic settings, and grayscale balance settings.  Subscribers may also access the Advanced Calibration page, which has the calibration settings for the Color Management System, basically the calibrating of each primary and secondary color individually.  In English - when that's done, red should be pure red, with no trace of yellow or magenta, or green...

Post Calibration Brightness, Measurements - DLA-RS6710, RS67U, X900R Projectors

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IRE (Brightness) Color Temperature (in K)
100 6507
90 6624
80 6602
70 6587
60 6560
50 6437
40 6428
30 6560
20 6985

The entire measurable IRE range from white to medium dark gray (20 IRE) fits within a tight 133K range.  More to the point, colors look rather good in terms of skin tone handling.

Post calibration this JVC projector measured 940 lumens.  That's plenty for any dedicated home theater / cave, at least for 2D viewing.   Only High Bright color temp buys significantly more lumens, and it is "not pretty."

I found the 2.4 gamma setting Mike recommends to be rich, but I dialed it down to 2.2 due to issues (looking way to contrasty on very, very, dark scenes, as noted in the Picture Quality pages.

Effect of Eco Mode on Brightness - Animation mode
Full Power 989 Lumens
Eco Mode 643 Lumens

Measuring Animation mode, Eco results measured a drop of almost exactly 35%.  Expect that same 35% drop in any mode you use.

Based on our measured 940 calibrated lumens at full power, Eco mode would be around 615 lumens.

DLA-RS6710U Projector Audible Noise

This JVC is reasonably quiet.  I'll definitely say it's a touch quieter at full power than the Epson LS10000 based on having them side by side, and perhaps the Sony 4K projectors, but probably a tie there.  Between the JVC and Epson probably 2-3 db.  Just enough difference in fan/air noise to notice it "side by side."

The Bottom line though is that most will have no issues with the JVC RS6710U running at full power, as it is still reasonably quiet, unless you are sitting very close to it.  Not once did I ever feel the need to use Eco due to noise.  Mind you, I'm not as noise adverse as some.

The JVC is very quiet in Eco mode - you won't find many projectors that can do better, nor would you care.

If I had to pick a number for full power, I would just say "slightly under 30db", but that's strictly a guess.   Pretty darn good, and certainly competitive!

JVC DLA-RS6710 Image Noise

There seems to be more background image noise (strangely?) when using e-Shift3, than straight 1080p.  But I have no real complaints overall, except when in 3D.

In this image from The Fifth Element, the projector seems to show a bit more background noise in the wall than others.

3D image noises - including cross-talk, are not quite as good as the competition.

Overall, 2D - fine, 3D - not so much... JVC can still up their 3D game.

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