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JVC DLA-RS6710 Projector Review – Hardware 2

DLA-RS6710U PROJECTOR HARDWARE TOUR – PAGE 2:  Remote Control, Menus

JVC DLA-RS6710, RS67U, and X900R Remote Control

Let me start by saying really nice things about this remote.  I just love the backlight – it’s a soft yellow beige type color, it’s easy to read the letters on the buttons, it’s not to bright, not too dim.  I can’t think of another brand with a better remote in terms of it’s backlighting.

The JVC remote control is configured this way:

Top left is the Standby button (power off), to its right is the Power on button.

The next row offers up the Input button for source selection, then the 3D settings button and one labeled CMD for Clear Motion Drive, aka CFI, aka smooth motion.

Lens controls are next, with Lens Function on the left (takes you to power zoom focus and lens shift).  In the middle is Lens Memory which let’s you select different lens memory positions that you’ve previous configured…

Next row:   MPC is E-shift3 and related, next over is the Picture Analyzer then the Before/After buttons.

Next down is Hide on the left (AV Mute) while the backlight button is across on the right. That button has a faint glow in the dark, easy enough to spot though.

The four navigation arrows are in a round configuration, with the OK button (aka Enter) in the middle of them.  Below to the left, is Menu, below to the right is Back (aka escape), which like the same on the control panel, takes you back up a level in the menus.

Three more rows of three buttons each include the 7 preset modes and access to the User modes, while the 9th one takes you to the Advanced Menu, where you’ll find more controls (see the menu section below).

That leaves only a row of four smaller round buttons, which from the left give you direct access to Gamma, Color Temp, Color Profile, and Picture Adjust menus

A very nice remote, reasonably good range exceeding 25 feet, despite a claim of only 7 meters – about 23 feet.  My complaint – I do prefer to have separate buttons for each input, instead of (even a smart) single Input button. Considering how few inputs the JVC has (only the two HDMI), that should have been doable.  On the other hand it’s a simple toggle to go back and forth.

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JVC DLA-RS6710 Menus

JVC offers extensive menus for just about everything.  The manual, I should note, is rather good at describing most of the features, but not all.

JVC DLA-RS6710 Menu Descriptions

Although the manual hints, on occasion, on how to best use many of the controls, there could be a lot more detail and examples.

An example:  The feature Inverse Telecine feature (shown above) is reasonably well explained, but could be more helpful if it also explained:  Inverse Telecine can convert movies on HDTV which  typically have been converted to 60fps using 3:2 pull-down.  It will  reverse them so they appear at 24fps as they would originally or on Blu-ray…

Documentation is pretty good overall, better than most. Folks, use the manual.  It is most helpful, if not with everything.