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LG Minibeam PH300 Projector Review - Hardware Tour

Posted on July 23, 2015 by Art Feierman
LG Minibeam PH300 Projector - Hardware Tour:  Hardware Overview, Connector Panel, Control Pad, Remote Control

Hardware Overview

The above photo gallery shows the LG PH300 from various angles.  The 1st gallery photo shows the projector along with the supplied hardware with a 1 ft. ruler included as a reference showing just how small this projector really is.  The PH300 projector itself includes a set of the essential inputs and controls that are covered in more detail below.  The gallery photos 2 and 5 above shows the front of the projector with a air inlet vent toward the left and the projector's lens toward the right.  The right side of the projector has the lens focus adjustment located near the front edge, as shown in photo 3 above.  The top of the projector, as shown in photo 3 above includes the projector's control pad while the signal connectors, remote control IR receiver and speaker grill are on the rear panel, also seen in this same photo.   The bottom of the projector, not shown, includes a tripod socket than can be used as a portable mounting solution.

Connector Panel

LG PH300 - Conector Panel

The PH300's connector panel is located on the rear of the projector, as shown in the above photo.

Starting from the top-left is a headphone jack, a HDMI connector with MHL support and, in the center, a master power on/off switch followed by an antenna connector and the DC power input (for connecting the supplied power supply).  Below the HDMI connector is a USB connector and below that across the width of the rear panel is speaker grill/vent.  A Kensington security connector is located to the far right of the air vent.

Control Pad

LG PH300 - Control Pad

The PH300 has a rather simple control pad built into the top of the projector.  These are touch sensitive 'buttons' rather than mechanical ones.  To the left the 'S' brings up the settings menu and the central set of buttons are used to navigate the settings menus and to make the selection (the center button).  The power on/off button is to the far right.

Remote Control

The PH300 is supplied with a small remote control that is powered by a single button battery.   The Power, Input, Mute, Volume and Channel buttons are located at the top of the remote.  Below those are the 4-way navigation buttons with buttons below those to display the projector's Settings menu and main Menu (in graphic form).  Finally toward the bottom is the number keypad and other misc. buttons.

The remote is said to operate best when used with 3 meters (10 ft.) and for reliable operation I did find the distance and horizontal position of the remote, relatively to the projector, to be rather limited.

I had some issues with the remote control that I received with the specific projector that I reviewed, but I assume that was just a issue with that specific unit.

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