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LG Minibeam PH300 Projector Review - Hardware Tour 2

Posted on July 23, 2015 by Art Feierman
LG Minibeam PH300 Projector:  Menus

Quick Menu (graphical menu wheel)

The PH300 offers two different types of on-screen menus.  When you press the Q Menu (Quick Menu) button on the remote control, a graphical menu wheel is displayed, as shown in the gallery photos above.  This is essential a high level menu that provides access to the most common settings that may be needed for using the projector.  The left/right navigation buttons rotate the menu wheel and when you select a given item then the available choices for that item are displayed and can be selected via the remote.

Settings menu

The Settings menu offers access to all of the projectors setup and operating adjustments and is more detailed in its offerings than the Quick Menu discussed above.

When the Settings button on the remote control, or the 'S' button on the projector's control pad, is pressed, the top level Settings Menu is displayed as shown in the 1st gallery photo above.  From this the user can access all of the projector's available settings and adjustment.  Below I have described just a few of the available settings.

The top-level Picture Settings menu is shown in the 2nd gallery photo above.  This menu offers the usual picture settings (e.g., contrast, brightness) as well as Picture Mode and "Energy Savings", where minimum operates the projector at full power and maximum operates the projector in Eco mode, or the lowest power mode.  As for the Picture Modes, there are 5 pre-set modes plus user defined modes that LG call "Expert1" and "Expert2".    There are also "advanced controls" available for adjusting such picture characteristics color gamut, dynamic contrast and gamma.  Also provided are "Expert Controls" that can be used for fine-tuning the performance of the projector.

The top-level Audio Setting menu is shown in the 3rd gallery photo above.  Sub-menus under the audio menu provide access to a number of audio settings including such thing as Sound Mode, Auto Volume, and Sound Effects.

The 4th gallery photo shows the top-level Option 1 Menu.  This menu allows for setting the displayed menu language, use of closed captioning, Settings for DivX video playback, and returning the projector to it original factory settings.

The 5th gallery photo is for use with the projector's built-in TV tuner.  This allow for the scanning and setup for reception of the available over-the-air broadcast TV channels.

There are several other top-level Settings Menus not shown in the above photo gallery nor discussed above.  These are for Time Setting, Information, Lock Setting, and Option 2 Settings (e.g, keystone adjustment, projector mode, etc.).

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