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LG Minibeam PH300 Projector Review

The LG Minibeam PH300 is a LED powered single chip DLP pico-class projector.

It claims at a respectable 300 lumens of brightness and includes a built-in rechargeable battery that is rated to operate the projector for up to 2.5 hours (in Eco mode).


The PH300 is a very small, light weight pico (that LG calls Nano) projector that packs a lot of features into very little space.  Pico and Pocket projectors seem to be growing in size.  Typically we have considered projectors under 1 pound to be “picos” but that included any external power brick.  The “Mini” weighs in at .95 pounds but the brick adds about an extra half pound.  Still it’s ultimately portable!  This model includes a built-in rechargeable battery that LG claims can be used to power the projector for up to 2.5 hours (in the lowest power Eco mode, but less time in the brighter modes).  That’s plenty of time for most movies, or a business presentation.

It also includes a powerful media player, allowing it to display photo, video and audio files, (of the usual specific types), from a USB memory drive.  It can also display Microsoft Office documents without the need for connecting to a PC or Mac.  This makes this projector a good choice for the “road warrior” needing a highly portable projector for making presentations to relatively small audiences.

Overall performance is very good considering both the size and price of the PH300.  Although when measuring, I was not able to find all of  LG’s claimed 300 lumens of light output, the projected image should be bright enough when used with subdued room lighting and when keeping the image size relatively small (e.g., 50 inches).

I have given the PH300 our special interest award because of it combination of battery power, cord free operation, good performance, (including picture quality) and an affordable price.

Beyond the business application, this model includes a TV tuner allowing it to be used with a direct antenna connection for reception of digital TV transmissions.  Thus, this model could be used as a HDTV for viewing over-the-air broadcast TV, or cable/satellite via its HDMI input.  One weakness is the PH300’s built-in audio offers very limited output volume with no bass.  This is a limitation of the tiny 1 watt speakers.

Fortunately, there is a headphone jack – for personal viewing, but more importantly, it means you can output the audio to your stereo system or boombox for far more impressive sound.

The PH300 can also be used for casual gaming and with its MHL capability for connection to MHL enable mobile devices.  Thus, the PH300 could be considered for use as the video display (and audio) function as part of a highly portable personal entertainment system.