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LG ProBeam BU53PST 4K Laser Projector Review - Specifications

Posted on September 12, 2022 by Philip Boyle
Lg Probeam Bu53Pst 4K Laser Projector - Projector Reviews - Image
A new addition to the LG ProBeam line of projectors

The LG ProBeam BU53PST is a compact new 4K short-throw laser DLP projector that retails for $4,299 MSRP. It utilizes a multi-channel laser light source, provides a 3,000,000:1 Dynamic Contrast Ratio, and delivers up to 5,000 ANSI lumens of brightness.

The BU53PST is a professional laser projector designed for various applications such as simulator markets, office meeting rooms, digital signage, and even home entertainment. It has 4K (3,840 x 2,160) UHD resolution, provides 5,000 ANSI lumens of brightness, has more than 20,000 hours of laser life, includes lens shift, 1.2x optical zoom, and built-in wireless connectivity. 

LG Specs
Technology DLP Laser
Native Resolution 1080p (1920x1080)
Brightness (Manufacturer Claim) 6, 232 ANSI Lumens
Contrast 000, 000:1, 3
Zoom Lens Ratio
Lens Shift No
Lamp Life
Lg Probeam Bu53Pst Specs - Projector Reviews - Image
A powerful combination of features and peformance

We reviewed the other LG model in this series, the LG ProBeam BU60PST, and were impressed by the projector's picture quality and feature set. Check out our review by clicking the link.

As a leading manufacturer of flat-panel TVs, LG understands that some customers are looking for a bigger and more immersive image than even the largest OLED or LCD TV can provide. The BU53PST is part of the LG ProBeam projector lineup. The ProBeam series of projectors are designed to make front projection more accessible and appealing to a broader range of business and education professionals.

DLP Technology Inside
DLP delivers proven quality and reliability

Utilizing a Texas Instruments DLP (.47″ DMD) with XPR technology, the ProBeam BU53PST displays 4K (3,840 x 2,160) UHD resolution.

The ProBeam BU53PST light engine is enclosed, preventing dust particles from settling inside the sealed, laser-projected light path and obstructing the projected image.

The ProBeam BU53PST utilizes a laser-phosphor light source that provides a manufacturer-rated 5,000 ANSI lumens of brightness designed to produce sharp, clear images in venues with active external light sources. A light output rating of 5,000 lumens is bright enough to be utilized in many business, hospital, museum, and education environments where ambient light is present. LG uses a high-output laser diode in the BU53PST rated to provide up to 20,000 hours of near-maintenance-free operation. Providing 20,000 hours of operation is equivalent to playing videos on this projector for eight hours daily, which translates to the laser diode lasting for seven years!

The highest quality light source available
The highest quality light soure available

The combination of laser phosphor illumination and DLP imaging ensures excellent performance and durability. In addition, routine lamp replacements and maintenance are not needed so that the ProBeam BU53PST can be placed in difficult-to-reach locations such as creative museum displays or high-ceiling installations in auditoriums.

The ProBeam BU53PST is a short-throw projector allowing it to sit close to the screen. The projector offers a 1.2x manual zoom lens along with horizontal and vertical Lens Shift, which is rare on DLP projectors of this size and price point. Combined with the 12-point Warping function, these features reduce image distortion and allow precise alignment with the screen.

While LG ProBeam models do not have all the smart features found in the CineBeam products, the ProBeam BU53PST does have several notable features that enhance connectivity and productivity.

The BU53PST features a range of built-in preset modes, including seven preset video modes and six preset audio modes. These preset modes help you get the most from the projector within different venues. 

The BU53PST features two built-in speakers and an HDMI Audio Return Channel (ARC) with a simple connection to soundbars to offer an immersive experience. The projector also includes Bluetooth so you can play audio from a device such as a smartphone through the projector's internal speaker or a connected audio system. You also can connect Bluetooth headphones or speakers to play sound from the projector.

Lg Probeam Bu53Pst Wireless Connection - Projector Reviews - Image
Advanced wireless networking capabilities provide operational flexibility

The BU53PST offers monitoring and control via a network supporting 3rd-party solutions from Crestron, Control4, and Savant, as well as supporting RS232C. The BU53PST also provides HDBaseT compatibility allowing a single CAT6 cable to carry 4K signals hundreds of feet to the ProBeam BU53PST projector.

The BU53PST is compatible with HDR10 content and is also one of a limited number of projectors capable of Dynamic HDR Tone Mapping. This feature, developed for LG's consumer CineBeam projectors, automatically adjusts the projector's tone mapping curves based on the scene playing to optimize the unit's HDR performance.

The BU53PST's combination of high brightness, low maintenance, and good picture quality make it a compelling alternative to a large flat-panel TV in almost any professional space. LG says the BU53PST fits as easily in the living room as in the meeting room.

  • 4K (3840 x 2160) UHD Displayed Resolution 
  • DLP (.047" DMD) with XPR imaging
  • 5,000 ANSI Lumens
  • Laser Light Engine with up to 20,000 hours lifespan (NORMAL mode)
  • 3,000,000:1 (Dynamic Contrast Ratio)
  • 1.2x Zoom Ratio
  • Lens Shift (+/- 50%V 20%H)
  • HDR10 with Dynamic Tone Mapping
  • Integrated Wi-Fi & RJ45 for network connection
  • WebOS 4.5
  • Wireless screen share via Miracast
  • Wireless content share via TV Plus app (Android, iOS) or DLNA device
  • Dual 5-watt speaker system with Bluetooth
  • Bluetooth audio output with lip sync adjustment

LG BU53PST Specs

Projector Model BU53PST
Technology DLP Laser
Price $4,299 MSRP
Brightness (Manufacturer Claim) 5000
Brightness Description ANSI Lumens
Contrast Ratio 3,000,000:1
Projection DLP w/Laser light source
Native Resolution 1920x1080x4 (3840x2160)
Max Resolution 3,840 x 2,160
3D No
Blue Ray No
Ultra Short Throw No
Native Aspect Ratio 3100
Video Compatiblity Up to 4K 60 fps
Lamp Life 20,000 hours in NORMAL lamp mode
Noise Level (-db) 26 / 27 / 29 dB(A
Audio 10W (5W + 5W)
Power Zoom Focus Yes
Lens Shift Yes
LAN Networking Yes
Zoom Lens Ratio 1.2x
Optional Lens No
Classroom Yes
Speakers Yes
Special Features
Wireless Networking Yes
Dimensions 14.6 " wide x 6.1′′ high x 11.4′′ deep
Weight 21.4 lbs / 9.7 kg
Warranty 3-year parts and labor warranty
Year 2022

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