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LG ProBeam BU70QGA Professional Projector Review

August 15, 2023
The LG ProBeam BU70QGA, LG Professional's latest top-of-the-line 4K DLP projector, is priced at $5,499 MSRP.
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LG CineBeam PU700R 4K Smart LED Projector Review

July 6, 2023
The LG CineBeam PU700R is a 4K (3,840 x 2,160) Ultra High Definition (UHD) home entertainment projector selling for $1,699 MSRP.
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LG CineBeam PF510Q Portable Smart Projector Review

December 19, 2022
The LG CineBeam PF510Q is a Full HD, $599.99 portable, 4Ch (RGBB) LED smart projector with 450 ANSI lumens. In addition, the PF510Q is an HDR-compatible projector, and the 4-channel (RGBB) LED light source is rated to last up to 30,000 hours. The LG PF510Q portable projector utilizes a single
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LG ProBeam BU53PST 4K Laser Projector Review

September 12, 2022
A new addition to the LG ProBeam line of projectors The LG ProBeam BU53PST is a compact new 4K short-throw laser DLP projector that retails for $4,299 MSRP. It utilizes a multi-channel laser light source, provides a 3,000,000:1 Dynamic Contrast Ratio, and delivers up to 5,000 ANSI lumens of brightne
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LG CineBeam HU915QB 4K Laser Projector Review

June 26, 2022
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LG CineBeam HU715Q 4K Laser UST Projector Review

February 21, 2022
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LG CineBeam HU710PW Hybrid LED Laser 4K Projector Review

February 13, 2022
2022 LG HU710PW The LG HU710PW is one of two newly announced CineBeam projectors. We were excited to get our hands on the HU710PW ($2,499.99 SRP) because it is the first LG projector to utilize a hybrid light source system. This new LG system uses an LED light source supported by laser technology to
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LG PF610P CineBeam Portable LED DLP Projector Review

December 7, 2021
Portable LED Projector The LG PF610P, which retails for $849 MSRP is a DLP LED home entertainment projector, and it is small enough to be considered transportable. It is also listed as one of the best projectors under $1,000. This LG projector utilizes a single DLP chip to deliver Full HD resolution
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July 19, 2021
LG BU60PST ProBeam laser business projector is a 6000 Lumen 4K Smart business projector which retails for $4499,
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LG - The Optimal Business Partner For Your Projection Needs

July 8, 2021
The four reasons to consider LG for your next business projector purchase: broad assortment, high-quality images, advanced smart features, and placement flexibility.
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February 15, 2021
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January 12, 2021
The LG HU85LS is a 4K Ultra-Short Throw Laser Smart Projector designed to replace traditional flat panel TVs.
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LG GRU510N 4K Laser Projector Review

January 4, 2021
The LG GRU510N is an HDR-compatible DLP home theater laser projector that retails for $3999 and is part of their ProBeam series.
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November 11, 2020
The LG ProBeam BU50NST is a compact projector designed for various ProAV applications, including enterprise, education, hospitals, and museums. It provides UHD (3840 x 2160) resolution and is rated to deliver 5,000 ANSI lumens of light output.
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January 26, 2020
The LG HU70LA is an HDR compatible DLP home theater LED projector which retails for $1,799.
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2019 Holiday Guide To Five Great Home Theater Projectors Over $2000

November 22, 2019
Welcome to our Holiday Guide To Five Great Home Theater Projectors Over $2000. Here’s your chance to learn about some awesome projectors and screens that will change the way you enjoy movies, HDTV, streaming and more! You’ll find the scoop on a number of great home projectors at different price poin
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LG HU85LA CineBeam ThinQ 4K Projector Review – UST Design Brings Quality Home Theater To Your Living Room

August 13, 2019
The LG HU85LA is a Laser TV, also known as Ultra-Short Throw projectors, with a list price of $4999.
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LG CineBeam HU85LA First Look Review – 4K UHD and Ultra Short Throw

June 13, 2019
The LG CineBeam HU85LA is a smart projectors and LG fans have been eagerly waiting for the arrival of this 4K UHD ultra short throw projector.
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The Award-Winning LG CineBeam HU80KA is On Sale Black Friday Thru Cyber-Week!

November 19, 2018
The LG CineBeam HU80KA is LG’s first foray into the world of 4K, and is, perhaps, the most innovative projector to hit the market in 2018!
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LG HU80KA Review – A Laser Powered, Smart, Home Entertainment Projector

September 29, 2018
The LG HU80KA projector is one interesting home entertainment and home theater projector – but more home entertainment – and that’s true on several levels.
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The LG CineBeam HU80K - A 4K Laser Projector That Gets It

June 29, 2018
The new LG HU80K 4K Laser Projector is turning heads.
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LG MiniBeam PF1000U Projector Review

August 16, 2016
Small, but packed with features, LG's MiniBeam PF1000U is an ultra-short throw projector that includes a TV tuner, wireless networking and one of the most innovative remote controls in the business.
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LG Minibeam PW800 Projector Review

July 26, 2015
The LG Minibeam PW800 is a LED powered single chip DLP pocket-class projector. 
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LG Minibeam PH300 Projector Review

July 23, 2015
The LG Minibeam PH300 is a LED powered single chip DLP pico-class projector. It claims at a respectable 300 lumens of brightness and includes a built-in rechargeable battery that is rated to operate the projector for up to 2.5 hours (in Eco mode).
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LG PF85U LED Projector - Review

August 28, 2014
The PF85U Projector has a long life LED light source, but what stands out most are the smarts of this large 1000 lumen "pocket" projector. We consider the PF85U for  home entertainment use, but it doubles nicely as a portable business projector.  
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LG HX300G Pocket Projector Review

October 1, 2010
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LG AF115 Projector Review

August 10, 2010
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LG CF181D Projector Review

February 20, 2010
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LG CF3D Projector Review

February 1, 2005
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