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LG - The Optimal Business Partner For Your Projection Needs

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In this article, sponsored by LG, we are going to highlight four reasons to consider an LG ProBeam projector for your next business projector purchase: a variety of options, high-quality images, advanced smart features, and placement flexibility.

 When you think of business projectors, you likely think about companies that have been manufacturing such products for years. However, LG has entered the business projector market with aplomb, bringing to the ProAv market their decades of experience building top-selling consumer products combined with an extensive success record of providing a broad array of commercial display solutions. Business users benefit from the latest advancements in picture quality and connectivity found on the latest smart flat panel TVs while also receiving the reliability, warranties, and service support expected from a business-focused projector.

For example, customers will enjoy the LG Business standard 3-year limited warranty on all ProBeam projectors in addition to a variety of extended warranties options with LG ExtendedCare. 

A Variety of Displays To Fit Any Need

Unlike some other projector manufacturers, LG has an exceptionally large portfolio of products – from computer monitors, to cloud computing, to digital signage, to projectors, and of course, consumer TVs. From this huge selection, you can look at different scenarios and sizes and find practically anything you need for any display application in classrooms, museums, hotels and so much more…all in one place. The ability to seamlessly integrate with a wide variety of other business technologies is a huge LG advantage. Imagine a gorgeous video wall in the lobby behind the welcome desk, LG projectors and flat panels in the conference rooms, and the amazing peace of mind that everything will work together seamlessly.

The user interface, menu systems, and remotes are also identical – not only to other models in LG’s business portfolio, but also with the consumer TVs that many people already have at home. If you are ready to present in a boardroom stuffed with serious C-level executives, you don’t have to sweat the operation of a dicey new remote, there’s a good chance it’s just like the one in your living room. It’s an easy transition from your LG TV at home to an LG business projector, you’re going to know exactly where everything is and how to use it.

We have reviewed both consumer and business focused LG projectors in the past and we have always been impressed with not only the picture and build quality, but also the usability and convenience.

If you are buying an extensive system or complex installation, it's a must to work with a dealer/integrator. LG has a large partner network that helps ensure your products have the right connections, the right security, the right software, and the right capabilities to run your small business smoothly.

However, if you are just looking for a single projector (perhaps you need to replace just one projector), it can be convenient to buy directly from the manufacturer. LG has just introduced direct to consumer online ordering so if you know what you need and you want it ASAP, you can take advantage of their direct and convenient ordering.

High Quality Image For Improved Collaboration

In addition to an exceptionally wide assortment of business solutions, LG projectors also benefit from the quality standards that drive their consumer business. LG has been a leader in projector innovation since 2007, creating firsts in portable LED projectors and pioneering the industry's first 3-channel laser technology.

Because of LG’s massive presence in the consumer industry, many of the technologies designed for consumer TVs and projectors also have applications that enhance business use such as laser light sources, smart functionality, intuitive UI, connectivity, and 4K video processing.

LG BU50NST projector displaying sharp detail in a room with high ambient light (Projector should be limited to use in the medical context for training and educational purposes only and not for clinical or diagnostic purposes)

Although there are WUXGA models in the portfolio, LG also offers a number of 4K UHD models with advanced 4K video processing with excellent picture quality. Viewers will enjoy crisper text and more detail – it’s easier to read Excel spreadsheets and even collaborate onscreen by running two laptop applications side by side.  

Often, if a video signal is split between two displays, quality is reduced to match the lower resolution display. However, unlike some other business projectors, all LG Business projectors accept 4K/60p signals and support HDR content. This means that the projector can be fed the best possible source material and it also ensures the video signal is not degraded when distributed to a 4K UHD flat panel.

LG has been wowing customers for years with ultra-bright TVs for the home and LG business projectors benefit from these technological advancements. Unlike watching a movie in near darkness in the home, business projectors used in conference rooms, museums, and classrooms typically operate with light in the room. After all, you want to see the expressions on faces across the conference room during a critical pitch meeting!

With the exception of the HU85LS 4K Ultra Short Throw Laser Projector with 2,700 lumens, all LG business projectors offer at least 5,000 ANSI lumens, easily bright enough to use with some ambient light. In fact, LG has just launched two new ProBeam series projectors that offer 6,000 ANSI lumens – the 4K UHD (3840X2160) ProBeam BU60PST and the WUXGA (1920 x 1200) ProBeam BF60PST. Both ProBeam units deliver exceptional brightness without bulkiness or the excessive fan noise common with many higher lumen projectors.

LG ProBeam BU60PST and LG ProBeam BF60PST can both deliver 6000 ANSI lumens of brightness

“LG recognizes that certain business sectors require ultra-bright, reliable, and long-lasting projectors that can project fine details at large sizes, and these two new models are purpose-built to do just that,” said Dan Smith, Vice President of Business Development at LG Business Solutions USA. “These projectors complement LG’s full line of professional-grade digital signage solutions, including class-leading DVLED, OLED, and LCD digital signage displays.”

Thanks to this level of brightness, LG Business projectors are a great solution for any space with high ambient light. You can check our industry news article on these two ultra-bright models here.

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We have reviewed several LG consumer and business projectors over the years, and we have always been impressed by the picture and build quality along with their feature sets. In fact, at just $4999, the LG ProBeam BU60PST is one of the most affordable and feature-packed models in its brightness and resolution class. We are finalizing a detailed review of the LG ProBeam BU60PST we are impressed.

Last year we were just as impressed with its little brother, the LG ProBeam BU50NST which is a 5000-lumen UHD (3840 x 2160) DLP projector. The combination of high output, high resolution, install flexibility, and smart wireless capabilities along with very pleasing picture quality present a great value.

Smart features To Maximize Productivity

LG's HU85LS Projectors come with Smart functionality

When I think of “smart” consumer products, I immediately think of LG. You can get an LG refrigerator so smart it can practically go to the grocery store for you. A smart projector makes a lot of sense for business – it makes it easy to show content, browse a website or view smart apps like YouTube. On the HU85LS you can even use Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa to control the projector or search for content. In addition to exceptional picture quality, LG projectors also benefit from inherent “wireless” capabilities from decades of consumer TV experience in audio, video, and networking.

LG's webOS Browser

Users can connect either of the new projectors directly to a company or conference facility network via wired or wireless connection, eliminating the need for a laptop. Microsoft PowerPoint and Excel files can be opened directly from a USB device thanks to the built-in Office viewer. Screen sharing and screen mirroring make it especially easy to project content from devices running the Windows or Android operating system, giving users more options for displaying their presentations. Bluetooth Sound output lets a user wirelessly output the sound to a Bluetooth speaker or Bluetooth-enabled Hi-Fi or AV system.

LG's webOS Browser

The majority of LG business projectors use webOS. When connected to a robust Wi-Fi network, the webOS browser provides access to web pages and media on the network. In fact, you can connect a keyboard to the projector and browse the internet directly without connecting a laptop. You can also insert a USB drive into one of the ports and use webOS to navigate to folders and display images or video content as well as a variety of standard file formats. This is an extremely convenient method to play files when there is no network available for web access

HU85LS 4K UHD Ultra-Short Throw Laser Projector

The HU85LS 4K Ultra-Short Throw Laser Smart Projector steps up briskly in the smarts department, featuring the same ThinQ AI WebOS that is offered in LG’s lineup of premium smart flat-panel TVs. LG is way ahead of most manufacturers when it comes to building smart projectors. LG simply has incorporated everything they have learned over the years from building Smart TVs into this projector.

Benefits of a Smart Projector Made by a Smart TV Manufacturer

  1. The same interface used in millions of LG TVs worldwide – seamless, easy to navigate, and well laid out
  2. Voice control to operate the Smart remote, just press and hold the mic button on the remote to activate Google Assistant
  3. Voice control for several 3rd party items like set-top box, lights, door locks, curtains, etc
  4. Onboard TV tuner
  5. Access to LG’s long-established app store which is loaded with a massive amount of entertainment apps

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For more details about the HU85LS 4K Ultra-Short Throw Laser Smart Projector, click here.

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