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Mitsubishi HC6500 1080p Home Projector Review: Image Quality-2

Posted on October 11, 2013 by Art Feierman

The two images immediately above are from the DVE-HD calibration disc. When viewing these scenes, the blacks in the buildings come out nice and dark. In the Times Square image, the sky and dark buildings in the distance, come across nice and dark and very reasonable amount of shadow detail comes out. The end result is a scene which has a rich, dynamic look. While blacks aren't as inky black as some more expensive models, dark scenes have a good amount of depth thanks to the contrast between brighter areas and the darkest ones. Projectors with lesser black level performance tend to give a flat, undetailed look to larger black areas. The HC6500 makes the grade.

HC6500 Projector: Shadow Detail Performance

The HC6500 does very well in terms of shadow detail. There are others that do a bit better, but, for the most part, we're talking subtleties. In watching movies with very dark scenes, such as National Treasure, and Batman Begins, I found enough detail in large black areas to avoid that flat look, which comes when projectors are not showing up well, near black details in dark areas.

Our first image is from Lord of the Rings. Click on the thumbnail images below (they are all the same), for larger, more overexposed, and cropped versions. Look in particular at the details in the background on the right, below the mountains, and the darker areas of some of the buildings. Remember, the scene is intentionally, heavily overexposed.

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