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Mitsubishi HC6500 1080p Home Projector Review: Image Quality-6

Posted on October 15, 2013 by Art Feierman

Mitsubishi HC6500 Projector: Performance, HDTV and Sports

Very nice. HDTV digital content, including sports comes across as very sharp and crisp. The primary weakness of the HC6500 relates to watching with ambient light, in that the HC6500 isn't one of the brighter home theater projectors out there. The images below were all taken in the afternoon, with my blackout shades all the way closed, but, (without channels) they still leak significant light. In the first image you can see most of the wall around the screen, and get a good idea about the ambient light, during the shooting session.

Mitsubishi HC6500 Projector: Overall Image Quality

The HC6500 projector is one of those that just looks good. Yes you can find projectors that are superior, especially the higher end models, but the picture quality never offends. A good example would be comparing it to the more expensive InFocus IN83. The IN83's picture is sensational, although black levels aren't the very best. The Mitsubishi HC6500 isn't quite that good (or as bright), but like the IN83, it looks very good with almost anything you throw at it. It will satisfy a great many.

Overall Picture Quality: Bottom Line

The HC6500 is a well balanced projector. Particular strengths are the excellent skin tones, respectable black levels and a sharp image. Overall, its one of the most film-like 3LCD home theater projectors I've encountered. As I've said several times: The HC6500 produces a very watchable, pleasing image. Black level performance crosses the threshold of being dark enough that dark scenes look very good, even if they would be better, with even better black levels. The HC6500 has no significant flaws with its projected image, and only black levels could be improved significantly, and for that, Mitsubishi offers the more expensive HC7000.

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