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Mitsubishi HC6500 Home Theater Projector: Warranty

Posted on October 17, 2008 by Art Feierman

Mitsubishi's warranty on the HC6500 is, basically an industry average warranty for 1080p projectors - 2 years parts and labor.

By comparison, Sanyo offers three years, with a rapid turn-around program that promises Sanyo won't keep your projector more than 3 days, before shipping it back. Epson, like Mitsubishi, offers two years, but also includes its overnight replacement program, a real plus. Panasonic, looks to be sticking with its one year warranty, on their PT-AE3000projector. BenQ offers a three year, with first year replacement program (two day), on their competing W5000, and InFocus provides a two year warranty on both their X10, and IN81projectors!

Bottom line: There are definitely some with longer warranties, and at least as many with shorter ones. One thing I've learned though, is that most shoppers of home theater projectors tend to consider warranty a very secondary matter. (This is backed up by the fact that in our reviews, only about 30% of readers visit the warranty page!) I consider Mitsubishi's two year warranty to be a good warranty. For home theater projectors with less than a two year warranty, I recommend an extended warranty. With a two year warranty, like the HC6500 projector, the call, regarding extended warranties, is yours.

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