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HC7800D User Mode AV1, Post Calibration

Posted on January 2, 2012 by Art Feierman
Color Temp over IRE Range:
20 IRE 6474
30 IRE 6505
40 IRE 6492
50 IRE 6533
60 IRE 6480
70 IRE 6489
80 IRE 6453
90 IRE 6481
100 IRE 6368
Average Gamma:  2.14

The projector calibrates nicely, the average color temp, very close to ideal, and only about a 170 degree temperature range across our measureable range from 20 IRE to white.

Mike's Notes: Unfortunately, Mitsubishi has decided to not allow access to even basic settings like Brightness and Contrast in anything but the A/V Memories.  You can’t even change the lamp setting in anything but the A/V Memory modes.  Turning Brilliant Color on increases lumen output, to the detriment of grayscale.  Calibrating with BC on brings the lumen output down close what it is with BC off.  Grayscale was quite good after calibration. 

Using the 2.4 gamma setting increases average gamma to 2.34, so there’s no stock setting that gets gamma into the 2.2 range.  It can be achieved with the custom gamma settings however.  High Brightness cannot be selected as a reference color temp in the A/V Memories, so there no way to get a high brightness quick cal.  The best bet is to use an A/V Memory with BC on, but that’s only 150 lumens above the calibrated mode.

There are two color gamut settings (see the CIE charts), Wide and Normal, but there’s not a lot of difference between them.  Both have an expanded Green gamut.  Overall, colors look pretty good in either gamut.

HC7800D RGB Settings

Contrast R = -2
G = -1
B =  0
Brightness R =  4
G = -3
B = -1
Lumens at 100 IRE: 668 @ 6621

Below are the adjustments Mike came up with calibrating this HC7800D.

A/V Memory 1 mode with User Color temp (Medium color temp reference).  Gamma on 2.2, Lamp on Standard, Brilliant Color off

RGB settings (default is 0 for all)

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