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Mitsubishi HC7800D Projector: Pros

Posted on February 1, 2012 by Art Feierman
  • A brighter than average 668 measured lumens in "best" mode, is enough for a reasonably large screen for movie viewing in a fully light controlled environment
  • Excellent overall color, and skin tones
  • Really good dark shadow detail
  • Very good placement flexibility
  • HDMI 1.4a inputs (2) allows for support for Blu-ray 3D content
  • No problem with any 720p or 1080 content from any DirecTV 3D channel
  • Optional 3D glasses and emitter provide plenty of range for 3D
  • Good looking CFI (for smooth motion)

Click to enlarge. SO close

  • Lamp Life is excellent (rated 5000 hours) when running in low power mode
  • Low maintenance - no filters to change
  • Lamp can be replaced without unmounting the projector
  • Dynamic iris very smooth
  • Excellent warranty: 3 years parts and labor
  • A smaller projector, fits nicely in smaller rooms
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Mitsubishi HC7800D Projector: Cons

  • Below average brightness - in its brightest watchable mode
  • Lamp life at full power only rated 2000 hours, which is below average these days (although at low power their 5000 hours is as long as anyones)
  • Black level performance could definitely be improved (though not bad)
  • Fair amount of audible noise at full power, but many other good projectors are louder (including most other DLPs)
  • 3D glasses are optional (just a reminder)
  • Encountered a minor glitch or two coming out of 3D mode to 2D, but not a problem
  • Remote is dated, backlight dim, buttons soft
  • Definitely could use additional user memory positions

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