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Mitsubishi HC1500 Home Theater Projector Review – Image Quality-7

The Mitsubishi HC1500's Ability to Handle Ambient Light

OK, sports fans, your turn, first. I took photographs mid-late afternoon, with my wall of windows facing southwest – in other words, plenty of sunlight streaming in through the doors in the first image. Because the goal was to check performance under significant ambient light conditions, I selected the gamma preset Sports, and also increased Brilliant Color, to 10, the highest setting, and combined the mode where the HC1500 is brightest. The photo is an a good representation of how the room looked (if anything the room appears brighter in real life.) Of course, viewing the screen from such an off angle isn’t accurate, so the next image is that same screen, but shot from straight back.

The next image is of the room again, but with the shades on the doors partially closed, the room is definitely darker, but still moderately bright. No separate image, but you can see how the image appears on the screen toward the right, and compare it with the first room image. (Again, the shot is off angle, so the screen doesn’t look as good as it would head on.) Viewing with this much light was much better, and while hardly perfect, good enough to be considered a good picture.