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Mitsubishi HC1500 DLP Home Theater Projector Review - General Performance-2

Posted on October 14, 2013 by Art Feierman

HC1500 Remote Control

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The Mitsubishi HC1500's remote control is a small black unit, with backlit buttons.

There is no separate backlight button, but all buttons are backlit, and hitting any of them will light up the remote.

Unfortunately the backlighting is dim. I find it difficult to read the buttons in a dark room. It's not the size of the text on the buttons, but the dimness that bothers me.

The range on the remote appears to be acceptable. I had no problem standing behind the projector, while filling a 106" diagonal screen, and intentionally bouncing the infra-red signal off of the screen to the projector's front IR receiver.

As to the layout, it's pretty easy to navigate, with Power buttons on the top, followed by the Source buttons.

Next comes the four arrow keys for navigation, with the Enter button in the middle, and directly below, on the left is the Menu button itself, and across from it, the Aspect ratio button, to toggle between 4:3, 16:9, etc.

Directly below that are your 3 user memory recall buttons.


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Next comes direct access buttons for Contrast, Brightness, Color Temperature, Gamma, Sharpness and the Iris control.

On the last row is the Auto Position button, for correct lock on to analog signals, a Blank (the screen button) and the dreaded Keystone Correction button (you should definitely try to avoid using keystone adjustment, as it slightly degrades the image).

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