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The Mitsubishi HC1500 Projector Review - Warranty

Posted on August 4, 2007 by Art Feierman

Entry level projectors often have shorter warranties than more expensive models, and the HC1500 is no exception.

The HC1500's warranty is a basic 1 year parts and labor, as are many under $1000 projectors. That's not to say, though, that there aren't longer warranties among its competitors. Most notably, the most direct competition, the Optoma HD70 comes with 2 years parts and labor, and is very similar overall, although we favor the image quality of the HC1500. Perhaps the best warranty of the lower cost projectors is the 2 year parts and labor, with 2 years of overnight replacement program for the Epson Home Cinema 400, which sells for not much more than $1000 after their current mail in rebate (as of this writing - 8/07).

While we strongly favor 2 year warranties, one is acceptable, especially at this price point. Hopefully we won't be seeing those ridiculous 90 day warranties on home theater projectors anytime soon.

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