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Mitsubishi HC1600 720p, DLP, Home Theater Projector Review

Posted on August 26, 2008 by Art Feierman

Mitsubishi HC1600 Projector Highlights

  • Overall, brightness (with Brilliant Color turned off), is pretty average for a home theater projector
  • With Brilliant Color engaged, the projector becomes very bright, at some expense in overall color handling, with 10 different settings, brightness continues to increase with the higher settings, but a price is paid in terms overall picture quality - notably color accuracy, and some minor image artifacts
  • A very good balance of brightness and color accuracy can be realized by only using Brilliant Color at the lower settings - such as in the 3 to 5 range
  • Limited zoom lens, with 1.2:1 zoom ratio - this is, however very typical of DLP projectors
  • A basic number of inputs, with only a single HDMI, and also one component video input, and a computer input, plus the usual lower res inputs
  • Short 1 year warranty (not uncommon with 720p resolution projectors)
  • Definitely seems quieter than older HC1500, very quiet in eco-mode
  • Only $999! MAP price, which pretty much would be the high number for online sales. Expect it to be had for the $999 or just slightly lower

Mitsubishi HC1600 720p, DLP, Home Theater Projector Review: Overview

The Mitsubishi HC1600 home theater projector replaces the highly popular HC1500 projector. The two are very similar overall, both in physical design, and in overall performance. Interestingly, Mitsubishi seems to have made some improvements, but also some compromises, relative to the older projector. Notably, the real compromise is that the HC1600 has a slower spinning color wheel than the HC1500.

This shouldn't matter for most folks, but for the small percentage of people who are sensitive to the rainbow effect, with the slower color wheel, rainbows will be a bit more noticeable, and it may make the rainbow effect visible to some, who never had the issue with the older home theater projector.

In exchange, the newer HC1600 projector is a bit brighter, although not dramatically so. For some, though it fits into the concept, of "every bit helps."

The Mitsubishi HC1600 is a true "entry level" projector - one of a small handful of home projectors that sells for under $1000. Once a basic calibration is done, the HC1600 produces a competent image with good color accuracy, and pleasing colors, including skin tones.

Also of note, it has a standard computer input, and has enough lumens to double as an entry level, portable business projector.

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