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Mitsubishi HC3800 Black Levels & Shadow Detail 3

Posted on December 1, 2009 by Art Feierman

The image immediately below is from The Dark Knight. I've intentionally overexposed it to make a point. This is the type of scene where the difference in black level performance makes a huge difference

Because the outside areas of the scene, and for that matter the men's jackets are pretty black, with little detail at all, projectors with just "good" black levels look very flat. Below the HC3800 sillouette image, is the same scene using the BenQ W6000, and then, the Sony VPL-VW15, both of which are definitely "step up" competitors.

The dynamic iris, with almost all projectors (JVC excepted, as they manage great black levels without a dynamic iris), of course, is a key, today, to enhancing contrast and improving black levels.

The Mitsubishi HC3800, as an entry level projector, manages its black level performance without a dynamic iris. Below is a "demontration" of one of the issues affecting the use of dynamic irises.

On the pair of images below (HC3800), taken several frames apart, you can see that the black levels remain unchanged. That is precisely unlike, the pair of images below it, taken with the more expensive BenQ W6000, which uses an iris

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