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Mitsubishi HC3800 Remote Control

Posted on September 1, 2009 by Art Feierman

Not a stellar remote, not a bad one. This remote control is about average size, and is fully backlit. The problem is, that the backlight is very dim. I find I have to put it right in front of my face and squint to make out the symbols and text on the backlit buttons, due to the dimmness. Still, I guess that's better than no backlight at all.

There is no backlight button. Pressing any key will cause them all to light up. Range of the remote is about average, or a little better. I can get a decent bounce off of my large screen, which is more than I can say for more than half the projector remotes I get to use. (That's about a 26 foot round trip.)

The layout is fairly typical. At the top, however, there are both On and Off buttons. The Off button still requires the usual two presses to power down. Also on the top row is the Aspect ratio button.

The next two rows provide direct access buttons to each of the 6 inputs (sources). The row after that provides direct access to each of the 3 user savable memory areas.

Below all those buttons, in the middle are the navigation buttons with the four arrows in a circular layout, and the Enter button in the center. Below to the left, is the Menu button, and to the right an access button to the color management system.

That takes us to the last two rows, which offer direct access to six of the most common image controls: Contrast, Brightness, Color Temp, Gamma, Sharpness, and Color (saturation).

That covers the remote. It's functional, it's well laid out, it's got respectable range. It really is a shame that the backlight is so dim, or this would have to be considered an especially good remote control, but considering the backlight, I'll just call it a decent remote.

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