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Mitsubishi HC3800 Post Calibration Grayscale

Posted on October 11, 2013 by Art Feierman

Calibrated color temps, 20 – 100 IRE: The first set was from our calibration of the engineering sample. The one below it, from the full production HC3800. In other words, the second set is pretty much what you can expect. You will notice it is a tighter set of numbers than the original sample, and that's why I'm showing both

Engineering Sample

20 IRE 6547K
30 IRE 6456K (dark gray)
40 IRE 6573K
50 IRE 6553K (medium gray)
60 IRE 6566K
70 IRE 6508K
80 IRE 6537K (light gray)
90 IRE 6734K
100 IRE 6565K (white)

Production HC3800 Projector

20 IRE 6393K
30 IRE 6402K
40 IRE 6506K
50 IRE 6527K
60 IRE 6490K
70 IRE 6546K
80 IRE 6513K
90 IRE 6454K
100 IRE 6604K

Overall, the first set was very good, and the full production projector has even a better, rather excellent set of numbers. Good color! Note, the original sample had a spike in color temp at 90 ire, which matched with the spike in gamma (see below). While minor, that's just the type of thing, one would hope that would get improved going from a sample unit to a production projector. With the full production projector, however the spike is effectively gone.

RGB Settings

R -3
G 0
B -11
R 3
G 0
B 0

Brightest Modes

You can't start with High Brightness as a default for a custom color temp. Sports mode at the moment (sample unit) is very green - over the top. For a brightest mode, the best we could come up with on this unit was combining the High Brightness color temp with the Cinema gamma (or possibly video) gamma. That gave us our 1083 lumens, which still isn't much more than our best mode at 965 lumens.

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