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Mitsubishi HD1000U Projector Review – General Performance-5


I should note that the grayscale color temperature in every setting was extremely consistant, from dark grays to almost white. Like most projectors, pure white tends to shift the color temperature a bit, usually cooler (more bluish).

Measurements, of Cinema/Warm, We Measured

100 IRE 6612
80 IRE 6237
50 IRE 6072
30 IRE 6169

After calibrating (Cinema/User)

100 IRE 6805
80 IRE 6746
50 IRE 6597
30 IRE 6432

The settings we plugged in to get those numbers are

Contrast R=2G=4


Brightness R=8G=-2


Image Noise

Nothing to write home about. Image noise was minor and typical for DLP projectors, walk up closer to the screen and it’s easily visible, but at normal seating distances, it should rarely be of notice, even on large stationary and color consistant areas (like a blue sky around dusk).