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Mitsubishi HD1000U Projector Review: Competition-2

Posted on October 6, 2006 by Art Feierman

Mitsubishi HC3000

The HC3000, now nearing the end of its life, originally sold for close to $3000. These days, though it can be found for close to $1500. What you get for your money if you choose the HC3000, is especially excellent black levels, and shadow details that are a full step up in quality from the HD1000U. You also get a projector of more average brightness, not being able to match the HD1000U. I suspect the HC3000's sales will suffer a bit due to the HD1000U, as many will save five hundred, and still get a projector with similar overall performance and "feel", by basically sacrificing only on black levels and shadow detail.

Tthe HD1000U turns out to be a rather excellent value, regardless of the competition.and surpasses another well established bright projector, the Optoma HD72, which is also DLP, and more similar to the HD1000U overall. Then there's another projector of note, Optoma's new entry level $999 HD70, which we haven't reviewed yet, certainly, it is less expensive, but may lack the video performance, starting with the HD70's 8 bit processing, compared to 10 bit processing on the HD1000U (and most projectors). (Editors note: The HD70 has since been reviewed) -art.

Epson Cinema 400

The Epson Cinema 400, like the Panasonic PT-AX100U is significantly brighter in brightest mode, but alternately, the HD1000U is brighter than the Epson, with both in their best modes. (Cinema for the HD1000U, Theater Dark 1 and 2 for the Epson.) Epson has more range in its zoom, plus lens shift. On the other hand, the Epson is particularly noisy in its other modes. As a typical LCD projector, the pixels are more visible on the Epson, so most people would sit a little further back to avoid pixel visibility and screen door effect. The Epson sells for a bit more, but has a better warranty. The Epson would also be a logical alternative to those bothered by the rainbow effect.

InFocus IN72

The IN72 is a lower resolution projector, with 480p resolution vs. 720p. As a result the InFocus requires you sit further back to avoid seeing pixels. The HD1000U is much brighter. The InFocus though has big time wife appeal, with its styl'n case. The InFocus, I believe will also do a better job on black levels. With current pricing rebates have the InFocus down to $999 I believe without any dealer discounting, so the IN72 provides a low cost alternative that has the black level advantage.

HD1000U Summary

Click to enlarge. So Close. The HD1000U is priced right - it is positioned as significantly less expensive than all but one of its 720p competitors, the Optoma HD70, and is now priced at the same $995 as that projector (recently reviewed), and though some competitors can exceed the HD1000U's performance in different ways, the overall blend of brightness, image quality, and price, make the HD1000U an excellent overall value.

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