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Mitsubishi WD380U-EST DLP Projector - Review Summary

Posted on April 2, 2012 by Art Feierman

Mitsubishi WD380U-EST DLP Projector - Review Summary

Mitsubishi WD380U-EST Projector: Bottom Line

The Mitsubishi WD380U-EST is a very capable performer that has a lot going for it.  It's bright, reasonably quiet, provides a sharp, colorful image with any resolution and has the ability to be fine tuned in a way that many home theater projectors would envy.  It has every type of input you could want, sports a decent built-in powered speaker and has extensive network control and presentation capability.  Picture quality and color depth are adequate in the brighter modes and video looks great in Theater mode.

The Mitsubishi stacks up quite well with a recently reviewed short throw projector, the Optoma ZX210ST.  Compared to the Optoma, the Mitsubishi WD380U-EST has very similar price and performance, with an advantage in a shorter throw.  On the plus side, the Mitsubishi has greater brightness and better color in the brightest mode, as well as full color management that allows for greater control over the color palette.  Conversely, the Optoma’s LED/Laser light source never needs replacing and it has more flexibility in its presentation options.  If you need greater brightness, the WD380U-EST would probably be your choice.  If minimal maintenance and presentation flexibility are your priorities, then look to the Optoma.

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Bottom line is that the WD380U-EST is a natural for the classroom, especially when used with the optional wall mount.  Used in such an installation or on a dedicated cart, the disadvantages of setup go away and only the advantages of an ultra short throw projector remain.  With plenty of brightness, good color, solid interactivity and powerful sound, all at a reasonable price, the Mitsubishi WD380U-EST is a great fit for any school's projector budget.

Mitsubishi WD380U-EST Projector: Pros, Cons, and Typical Capabilities

Mitsubishi WD380U-EST Projector: Pros

  • Very good brightness, even in Low lamp mode
  • Sharp image with native resolution or higher and good uniformity across the screen
  • Lamp accessible even when ceiling mounted
  • No dust filter to keep clean
  • Good audio output capability with built-in 10W speaker and audio mix capability
  • Very good networking control abilities included software or and Crestron’s RoomView software

Mitsubishi WD380U-EST Projector: Cons

  • Slow set up due to the ultra short throw and no zooming capability
  • Best mode (Theater) not very bright compared to some of the competition
  • Remote hard to read and has too many similar sized buttons

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