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Mitsubishi WD380U-EST Setup and Menu

Posted on April 2, 2012 by Art Feierman

Mitsubishi WD380U-EST Setup and Menu

The WD380U-EST fires up and displays an image fairly quickly.  As it was with the recently reviewed Optoma ZX210ST and is typical with short throw projectors, getting the projector set at both the correct height and distance from the screen is a bit of a chore.  With no ability to zoom and minimal available height adjustments, table mounting without the use of keystone correction is difficult.  That being said, the WD380U-EST can be ceiling mounted quite easily and be completely out of the way for any presentation with the use of one of Mitsubishi’s two optional wall mounts.  For our table-mounted setup, getting a square image proved difficult, but the WD380U-EST’s keystone adjustment works quite well and has minimal effect on the readability of the projected image.

Moving on, the next step is for the presenter to select the desired picture mode from the on-screen menu and make the usual adjustments (contrast, brightness, color and tint) to the picture.  In addition to the standard adjustments, there is a User color temp setting that allows for full grayscale adjustment as well as a full CMS (color management system) for individual adjustment of each of the projector’s primary (red, green and blue) and secondary (cyan, magenta and yellow) colors.  As proper use of a custom color temp and CMS requires professional calibration equipment, it is unusual to see it in multimedia projectors.  However, it can be a useful tool for even the casual user to improve color balance, especially in the brighter modes.

Mitsubishi WD380U-EST Setup and Menu

Color Management - Red

Color Temp - User


Mitsubishi WD380U-EST Remote Control

The WD380U-EST’s remote control is light gray in color and is fairly well laid out.  Unfortunately, the buttons are the same color as the remote, are quite small and mostly the same size.  Combined with small text labeling, it’s hard to find the appropriate button in a darkened room.

Buttons are appropriately grouped and cover all the important functions without accessing them through the menu.  Instead of the usual source button that scrolls through the inputs, there are individual buttons for each input source.  There are buttons for the usual menu navigation, as well as buttons to control the digital zoom, keystone adjustment (and volume), switching to 3D and freezing or blanking the displayed image.  As usual, the remote’s buttons are not backlit or even glow-in-the-dark.

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