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Mitsubishi XD221U DLP Projector - Review Summary

Posted on February 19, 2010 by Art Feierman

Mitsubishi XD221U DLP Projector - Review Summary

Mitsubishi XD221U Projector: Bottom Line

Overall the Mitsubishi XD221U is a well thought out projector with adequate brightness for just about any environment you may encounter. It was easy to setup, the menu was fairly easy to navigate through and the labels in the menu were easy to understand. If color accuracy is extremely important to you, then you will need to make some adjustments to the projectors color settings to achieve an improved image. If color is absolutely critical, you might want to look at an LCD projector instead of DLP. However DLP can often be a better choice if you plan to show video from a DVD player just as much as showing PowerPoint presentations. The fact that the XD221U has wireless networking built-in at such a low price is also worth making this projector tops on your list. Considering the image turned out to be very sharp even when feeding the projector resolutions higher than its native XGA(1024x768) I have to say the XD221U is a good value, and with its excellent warranty, a good choice for the classroom, conference room or even the road warrior.

A K-12 Classroom Projector?

If your trying to determine if the XD221U is the right choice for the classroom environment, then let me share a few points related to education. The first being that it uses closed tube technology which basically means its vital components are in a air tight environment so a filter is not necessary to prevent damage from dust. The advantage is zero maintenance cost in terms of filters. If you had dozens of projectors you can see just how much time and money it would take to go to each one and perform routine filter maintenance. The second is the fact that projectors lamp is replaceable from the top of the projector. So, if ceiling mounted, the projector won't have to be taken down to replace the lamp. That's a real time and money saver as well. A third point is the projector is networkable. An IT staff member can control and supervise all the projectors in the school from a central location just by knowing the projectors IP address. A much faster way to check lamp status and make minor changes requested by the teachning staff.

Although there are even more benefits to the educator, the three final points I wanted to mention would be the projectors 10 watt speaker. Plenty of sound output for your typical classroom. It even has an audio out for larger venues where sound amplification might be necessary. Two, the lamp life. It has an estimated lamp life of 5000 hours in ECO Mode. If you do the math it could be over 5 years before you have to replace the lamp; assuming you used it for over 7 hours a day, every of the school year. And last, but not least the warranty. The Express Replacement program will ensure you have little to no time without a working projector.

A Business Projector?

For all the reasons I discussed above in the K-12 Classroom section, I would also have to say that the XD221U is a fine choice for conference room use. It is easy to maintain because of the filterless technology and networkability, and it is bright enough to handle ambient light in the room and still produce a vibrant image. Additionally, it is easy to setup quickly. It's not as portable as most projectors, so maybe not the best "Road Warrior" projector, but if your on a budget the larger size does save you some money. For the most part 7 pounds isn't too bad to travel with. With its respectable price and strong feature set it just might be the ideal projector to facilitate all your business projection needs.

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