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Mitsubishi XD221U XGA DLP Multimedia Projector Review

Posted on February 19, 2010 by Art Feierman

Specs Preview

Mitsubishi XD221U Specs
Price 1595
Technology DLP
Native Resolution 1024x768
Brightness (Manufacturer Claim) 2300
Contrast 2000:1
Zoom Lens Ratio 1.20:1
Lens Shift No
Lamp Life 3000
Weight 7
Warranty 3 years

Mitsubishi XD221U Projector Overview

The Mitsubishi XD221U proved to be a good entry level projector in terms of brightness at 2300 lumens. There are much more powerful projectors, but at the XD221U's price point the 2300 lumens and contrast ratio of 2000:1 still make this a fine projector for conference rooms with a fair amount of ambient light. The 2000:1 contrast ratio will give you much deeper blacks and a more vibrant image. The XD221U is also fairly portable at only 7 pounds and dimensionally relatively compact compared to projectors that share its same speficications. The XD221U is a native 4:3 aspect ratio projector that is capable of accepting 16:9 signals. If you want a true widescreen projector you might want to consider the Mitsubishi WD510U which is a native 16:9 projector.

Color was unusually good right out of the box. It is not uncommon for most DLP projectors to have mustard colored yellows and reds that tend to look more burgundy. Although not perfect color, for a DLP the XD221U has shown noticeable improvement in DLP color reproduction.

The XD221U accepts all the most common inputs except HDMI. It has two VGA inputs and accepts component video through the VGA port (special cable required). The XD221U actually handles a 1080i signal quite well so for special occasions where you want to bring the projector home for a sporting event or family movie, you will be quite impressed at the performance. Other notable features are instant-on and more importantly instant-off. The XD221U also features an auto distinguish feature so it will try to determine which source to select upon start-up. While presenting the XD221U also has a zoom function that allows magnification of the image for an up close look at parts of your presentation. This projector also has Closed Caption capability. Great for the hearing impaired and also for sports bars where people still like to be able to read commentary over the ambient noise in the environment.

Controlling and maintaining the Mitsubishi XD221U couldn’t be easier with its smart design and LAN RJ45 input for remote control from a web browser. One particular design feature that I am impressed by is the fact that the XD221U does not require a filter. So no need to maintain or clean filters on a regular basis. A big time and money save for companies or EDU where dozens of projectors may need maintenance. Let’s take a look at some highlights and specs and then dig deeper into the features and performance of the Mitsubishi XD221U.

Mitsubishi XD221U Projector Highlights

• High brightness at 2300 ANSI Lumens
• Long life lamp (5000 hrs.) in Low Lamp Mode
• Fairly light at 7 lbs.
• Control projector functions via a web browser using RJ-45 input
• Instant shut-off. No waiting for the lamp to cool before unplugging.
• Closed captioning
• Ability to project onto colored backgrounds.

Mitsubishi XD221U Projector Special Features

• Lamp can be replaced without take removing from ceiling mount.
• No filter to replace or maintain
• Closed Caption capabilities
• Wall Screen mode for projecting on different color surfaces

Specs for the Mitsubishi XD221U

MSRP: $799.99
Brightness: 2300 ANSI Lumens
Imaging Technology: DLP 0.55" 1-Chip DMD, DDP2230
Contrast: 2000:1
Zoom Lens Ratio: 1.2:1
Lamp Life: 5000 hours (low light mode)
Dimensions: 14.9" x 11.8" x 9.4"
Weight: 7 lbs.
Warranty: 3-Years Limited Parts and Labor Warranty. 3 Years Express Replacement

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