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Mitsubishi XD221U Setup and Menu

Posted on February 19, 2010 by Art Feierman

Mitsubishi XD221U Setup and Menu

The setup of the Mitsubishi XD221U was very straightforward and simple. This is basically due to its well thought out design both physically and electronically. Upon turning on the projector it instantly recognized the one signal I had plugged into the VGA D-Sub 15 pin input. Of course, as with most laptops you have to make sure you are outputting a VGA signal. This sometimes requires holding down the Function key and the particular key that toggles your video card to send a signal out of the outbound VGA output. The XD221U is easy to align because of the two adjustable feet in the front. No adjustment can be made in the rear of the projector. Achieving a fairly large size image, ie an 80” diagonal image, is going to require you to place the projector at least 9.5 feet away. So keep in mind that this is not an ultra short throw projector. To make things even easier for the presenter, the XD221U has a feature called auto-position. A quick press of the button and the projector tries to create a perfect image for you. It does not however try to square up the image. Its purpose is to make sure full use of the VGA signal is being utilized and that the proper resolution is being shown. To make the image perfectly square at the edges you have to physically position the projector, or use keystone correction. We always recommend not using keystone correction because it does degrade the image quality. This is across all projectors.

The Mitsubishi XD221U does have two lamp modes for brightness. To get the estimated 4000 hours of lamp life you will want to set the lamp mode to “LOW” as stated by the manufacturer. There are no guarantees that your lamp will last that long, but certainly lowering the lamp brightness helps. You will lose approximately 25 percent of the projectors brightness, but you might find this to not be a problem depending on the lighting in the room. Below is a complete look at the different screens that make up the Mitsubishi XD221U.

For the more technical or IT person in an EDU or church environment where you might want to have a central location for controlling many of the projectors features, you can setup and control via the LAN RJ45 input. Just wire it to your network, determine its IP and you will be able to connect directly to your projector via a web browser and make all the necessary adjustments.

Another notable feature for travelers and those that do not want to spend extra money on a screen is a “WALL SCREEN” mode that allows you to adjust the projectors output with a few simple clicks. Pressing through the different surface colors will help you determine which mode will give the best image. The available settings are Beige, Light Blue, Light Green, Pink, Blackboard and Whiteboard. You can make further adjustments to the color even in these modes.

Quick Menu

Image Menu

Installation Menu

Feature Menu

Signal Menu

Information Menu

Mitsubishi XD221U Remote Control

The remote I have to say is laid out very well. It is not backlit, but this should not be a problem since it is not a home theater projector where you would need to be able to see buttons in a very dark room. Typically conference rooms are pretty well lit while giving a presentation. The buttons were laid out in such a way that a minute of memorizing where things are should be plenty. The button positioning, and button design, allow you to feel differences in shape; and that helps you know what feature your thumb is resting on.

You have access to the all the projectors functions via the remote. You can change aspect ratio, switch sources, control volume and even magnify areas of the image. That is excellent for spreadsheet viewing when you want the audience to really focus in on a particular piece of subject matter. Keep in mind that although the remote shows certain buttons, those features are not necessarily available with this model of projector. Mitsubishi has obviously tried to be economical by creating one remote that fits all.

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